10 things about the Wives of the Prophet (SAW)

Muslims often get into arguments discussing the 11 Wives of the Prophet (SAW), there are numerous resources about two to four of the wives while little is often said of the others. Arguments range from their numbers, how they were married, their contribution to Islam, the number of Hadith’s reported etc. To contribute our quota to improving the knowledge of the Ummah, we hosted a 2019 Ramadan Show in partnership with Happenings Online Radio/TV www.radio.happenings.com.ng.


 10things about the wives of the Prophet (SAW)

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10 things about the Wives of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) Pexel b


Maymunah Bint Al-Harith Al- Hilalia RA

1. Originally known as Barrah, She was given the name Maymunah which means “The Blessed”

2 .Maymunah was a very determined woman with undefeatable Faith in Allah; she wanted to be the wife of the best of mankind and she spoke to the right people who relayed her message to him. Once she borrowed a very large amount of money and someone asked her, “’How will you pay it back?”’, She said that the Prophet (pbuh) had said, ‘If one has the intention to pay it back, Allah (S.T.) himself pays off the debt.’”

3. Maymunah was a good-natured woman; it was narrated by many sources that she never had a dispute with any of her co-wives

4.She was married to the prophet for 3 years and 3months

5.She was one of the “Ahlul -Bayt” I.e People of the House: This means the People of the Prophets House not only as his wife but by relation as she was an Aunt to Abdullah bin Abbas

6.She was the last to occupy the position of Ummul Mumineen i.e mother of the believers as the Prohpet (SAW) didn’t marry anyone after her

7.She died in the year 61 Hijrah at age 80

8.She was known to have a good memory and reported 76 Hadiths

9.She was a member of the Qureysh and the Prophet had married her to bring them closer to Islam

10.She was keen to maintain the ties of kinship and paid attention to her family regardless of religious differences.


10 things about the Wives of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) Pexel b


Ummu Habiba Ramlah Bint Abu Sufyan RA 

1 Her father Abu Sufyan was the leader of the Qurayshi Tribe and the most powerful opponent of the Prophet in the period 624-630

2. She with her first husband Ubayd- Allah were among the first people to embrace Islam.

3. She separated with Ubaydallah when he went back to Christianity while she held on to Islam

4. Her first Sister-in-Law Zaynab Bint Jahsh is also a wife of the Prophet(SAW)

5. Her half brother Muawiyah was the First Ummayad Caliph

6. She spent 4 years of her life with the Prophet and died at Age 72 44 AH

7.She once related that she had not stopped praying the 12 Voluntary Rakat’s since learning of it’s reward from the Prophet (SAW)

8. She once prevented her father who paid her a visit in the Prophet’s house from sitting on the Prophet’s Carpet, stating that he was an enemy of Islam and unfit to sit on the clean carpet

9. Before her death, Ummu Habiba had sent messages to her co- wives Ai’sha and Ummu Salamah apologizing for any wrong she might have done at times when they had disagreements

10. She longed for her Father and Brother to embrace Islam and fell down in prostration to Allah when the news reached her.


10 things about the Wives of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) Pexel b


Safiyyah Bint Huyayy RA

1.She bequeathed 1/3 of her of estate of 100,00 dirhams in land and goods to her sister’s son

2.People were known to doubt her loyalty to Islam and inferred that she will avenge her slain Jewish kin

3.The Prophet(SAW) taught her to say “ Aaron is my father, Moses my uncle, and Muhammad my husband.” each time people chided her of her Jewish descent

4.Her father who was the Chief of the Banu Nadir were expelled from Medina in 4AH for plotting to kill the Prophet(SAW) by dropping a stone on his head

5.She once had a dream that the moon fell from the heavens onto her laps which her husband Kenana interpreted as a desire to marry the Prophet (SAW) and smacked her in the face for it.

6.She died at age 60 in 50 AH

7.The Prophet offered to marry her and grant her freedom if she accepts Islam after the Battle of Khaybar

8.She was married twice before the Prophet

9.She was known to be very beautiful

10. She was reported to be involved in power politics of the early Muslim community after the Prophet’s death


10 things about the Wives of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) Pexel b


Juwayriyya Bint Al-Harith RA 

1.Her father was the Chief of Banu Mustaliq

2.Her marriage to the Prophet (SAW) led to the freedom of thousands of the people Banu Mustaliq from captivity as muslims couldn’t hold the Prophet’s Inlaw captive

3. Juweriyah was known to be exceptionally beautiful, elegant, eloquent, graceful and refined as a result of her upbringing

4. She was known to be very pious and spent most of her times engrossed in prayer after her marriage to the Prophet

5. She is reported to have narrated 7 Hadiths

6. She lived with the Prophet(Saw) for 6 years

7. She had good mastery of language and literary style and people considered her very intelligent and wise

8. She was a very straightforward and courageous woman, as her courage led to her freedom and the Prophets marriage proposal

9. She died at age 65

10. Her father and a good number of her kinsmen also embraced Islam after her marriage


10 things about the Wives of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) Pexel b


Zaynab Bint Jahsh RA 

1.Her mother was a sister to the Prophet’s father, hence, she was his first cousin

2. She known to be quick at losing her temper and also quick at calming down

3. She was a skilled tanner and leatherworker

4. Anas Ibn Malik reported that over 70 guests graced her marriage banquet and none of the Prophet’s wives had such a large wedding banquet

5. She died at age 53 and was the first wife to die after the Prophet (SAW)

6. She was known to be very charitable and her heirs didn’t find a coin in her house after her death

7. She hung a rope between two pillars in the mosque which she held onto when she became too tired to prostrate during her night prayers until the Prophet (SAW) removed it upon discovery.

8. She was known to boast to her co-wives that her marriage to the Prophet was by Allah from over seven heavens while they were given in marriage by their families.

9. Her marriage to the Prophet’s adopted son was to prove that people were only great in the sight of Allah by piety and not social status as Zayd was only a freed slave

10. Her marriage to the Prophet(SAW) abolished a custom that equated adopted sons with sons that people bore themselves


10 things about the Wives of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) Pexel b


Ummu Salamah Hind Bint Umayyah RA 

1 Her father Abu Ummayah was an elite member of the Qureyshi Tribe and was known for his great generosity especially to travelers ; a trait she picked from him

2 Ummu Salama abandoned her honorable life in Makka to migrate with her husband and son to join the muslims who were fleeing for safety, and encountered a lot of problems from her clan and husband’s clan while trying to do so

3 She loved her Husband Abu Salamah so much, she once told him she would never remarry after his death of which he instructed her to remarry and prayed to Allah saying “ O Allah, provide for Ummu Salamah after me with a  better man than me who will not make her unhappy or injure her”

4. She became known as “Ayyin- Al-Arab” meaning “The one who had lost her husband” after the death of Abu Salamah due to the injuries he sustained at the Battle of Uhud

5. She got marriage proposal from Abu bakr, Umar which she declined, she hesitated when the Prophet later asked her by saying   “O Messenger of Allah, I have three characteristics. I am a woman who is extremely jealous and I am afraid that you will see in me something that will anger you and cause Allah to punish me. I am a woman who is already advanced in age and I am a woman who has a young family.”. He replied her saying  “Regarding the jealousy you mentioned, I pray to Allah the Almighty to let it go away from you. Regarding the question of age, you have mentioned, I am afflicted with the same problem as you. Regarding the dependent family you have mentioned, your family is my family.”

6. Ummu Salamah reported 378 Hadiths and the only wife who reported that much is Aisha

7. Upon her marriage, she became the eldest of the Prophets wives and the highest ranking as a result of her presence in many wars and defense of the Prophets household

8. She was often looked up to by the rest of the wives as a result of her intelligence and political knowledge; she is also known as one of the most influential wives of the Prophet

9. She was a woman right’s activist with great sense of judgement, rapid power of reasoning and once asked the Prophet (SAW)  “Why are men mentioned in the Koran and why are we not?” a statement that brought a revelation that all sexes are equal , faith and desire to please Allah that differentiates all Human

10. She played a great advisory role in the treaty of Hudaybiyyah, died at Age 84 and was the last surviving wife of the Prophet (SAW)


10 things about the Wives of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) Pexel b



Zaynab Bint Khuzaymah RA 

1.She was also known as “Ummu-al -Masakin” meaning “Mother of the Poor” as a result of her compassion and pity for the Poor

2. She is reported to have died early, as such very little is known of her compared to the other wives

3. She had 9 children by her previous husband Ubayd Al-Harith

4 She was described as beautiful and the first of the wives to come outside of a Qureyshi Tribe

5. A poor man had once come to her house to beg for some flour, she gave him the last of her’s and spent the night without food. A gesture that moved the Prophet (SAW) so much he preached about it to the other wives saying “if you have faith in Allah…he would provide for your sustenance, even as he doeth for the birds, who leave their nest hungry in the morning, but return full at night”

6. Her household in the Prophet’s Circle was known to be empty for a notable period of time after her death till Ummu Salamah moved in

7. She was buried in Jannat-Al-Baqi and carried into her grave by the Prophet

8. She lived with the Prophet for only 8 months and died at Age 30

9. The Prophet(SAW) married her to show kindness after her husband Abdullah’s Martydom in the Battle of Uhud because she began to live In poverty after his death

10. Her marriage took place in the Holy month of Ramadan and it was an assurance to the followers of the Prophet (SAW) that their deaths in Battle would not mean their families would starve or be neglected

10 things about the Wives of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) Pexel b



Hafsah Bint Umar (RA)

1.She’s the Daughter of the Prophet’s companion and Warrior Umar Ibn Al-Khattab (RA)

2.She was born when the Qureyshi were building the Ka’aba which was 5 years before the message was sent to the Prophet(SAW)

3. Hafs is one of the names given to the lion and the Prophet would sometime refer to her father as Abu Hafs

4. She was known to have a strong and tough personality which people believed she must have gotten from her father and martial arts upbringing

5. She was known to a good orator, learned writer and reciter of the Noble Quran and reported 60 Hadiths

6. She was known to be a devote worshipper, pious, fasted often during the days and prayed at night and it is believed that the last two Ayats of Suratul Qamar(The Moon) Q54 Vs 54&55 “Verily, the pious will be among gardens and rivers, In a seat of honor near the omnipotent King” is an apt tribute to her personality

7.She was widowed at a very young age after her first husband Khunais Ibn Hudaifah had died as a result of the wounds he suffered from Battle of Badr, her father was very distressed at his daughters lonely state and had offered her to Uthman Bin Affan and Abubakar As Sideeq (RA) hoping they’ll become greater allies but they rejected his proposal. He went sadly to the Prophet and after telling him of his experience the Prophet (SAW) replied saying “Allah will marry Uthman to better than your daughter and will marry your daughter to better than Uthman”

8. She was reported to be very close to Aa’ishah has her father (Umar) had warned her to never compete with Aishah as a result of the Prophet’s fondness for her.

9. She and Aisha had once connived to prevent the Prophet from staying long whenever he visited Zaynab and the Ayat At-Tahrim (The Prohibition) (Q66 Vs1-5) was revealed in relation to their actions

10.She died at age 59 in 41 A.H and was reportedly fasting at the time of death


10 things about the Wives of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) Pexel b


Aa’ishah Bint Abu-Bakr RA 

1.The Prophet’s youngest wife and daughter of the first Caliph who succeeded the Prophet (SAW)Abu-Bakr

2. She is often praised for being scholarly, inquisitive and narrated 2210 Hadiths on varying topics in Islam

3. Aisha’s marriage to the Prophet was revealed to him in his dreams long before he married her; He said to Aisha; “You have been shown to me in my dreams on 3 nights. An Angel, was carrying you in a silken cloth and said to me; ‘This is your wife’. And when I uncovered it; behold, it was you. I then said, if this is from Allah, He will cause it to happen.

4. She is described as the Prophet’s favored wife after Khadija (RA), they bathed in same water and they were both often able to discern each other moods

5. It is said that Aisha is the only woman in which revelations came to the Prophet while he was with her

6. It was reported that the Prophet (SAW) never viewed himself as superior to Aisha as he often allowed her to speak her mind and encouraged his companions to take religious learnings from her

7. She was once accused of Adultery when her slave had unintentionally abandoned her at her Camp while she stayed the night and was eventually found by Safwan Ibn Al-Mu’attal, the news of the Adultery went around until a revelation came from Allah confirming her innocence and her slanderers were subjected to punishment

8. As the Prophet fell ill and death came near, his wives had noticed he wanted to spend more time with Aisha, they allowed him and he took his last breath laying in her arms

9. Aisha was known to contribute greatly to politics in Islam, Battles, public speeches and helped people understand the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW)

10. She lived with the Prophet for 14years, died in the Ramadan 58 AH at age 67


10 things about the Wives of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) Pexel b


Sawdah Bint Zam’ah RA 

1.She is reportedly one of the the first women to immigrate to Abyssinia with her husband in a bid to preserve their Deen

2.It is believed that her first husband As-Sakran Ibn Amr had embraced Islam as a result of her persuasion

3.The Prophet had offered to marry her after he had heard of the widow who wasn’t beautiful nor wealthy, had pagan brother and father and might find it difficult to hold on to her faith in such circumstance

4.She was very excited when she got news of the Prophet’s intent to marry her and told Khawla who had brought the message to inform her father who was also delighted saying What a Noble Match this is; Have you told Sawdah, what did she say.

5. She was known to have a kind disposition, took care of the Prophet’s daughter and household as soon she became a member of the household

6. She feared that the Prophet (SAW) might divorce her to prevent her from feeling bad about competing with younger wives, so she gave up her nights with the Prophet for Aisha and the Ayat An-Nisa Q4: 128 was revealed in relation to her action

7. Sawdah was a very generous woman; Aisha had reported that “Some of the wives of the Prophet (SAW) asked him ‘who amongst us will be the first to follow you (i.e die after you)?. He said ‘Whoever has the longest hands with a stick and Sawdah’s hands turned out to be the longest. Afterwards , we came to know that the length of the hand was a symbol of practicing charity , so she was the first to follow the Prophet and she loved to always give charity”

8. She had great sense of humor and often got into pranks with Aisha and Hafsah

9. She was reportedly very fond of the Prophet’s youngest wife Aisha and Aisha mourned her death saying “No woman is more beloved to me than Sawdah, whose shoes I would rather be in than others.” `Aa’ishah, and she never forgot how Sawdah had given up her night with the Prophet to her.

10. She narrated 5 Hadiths from the Prophet (SAW)


10 things about the Wives of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) Pexel b

Khadijah Bint Khuwaylid RA 

1.A Businesswoman of the Qureyshi Tribe who had learnt great pottery skills from her father and took over his business after his death, the first wife of the Prophet and first follower of Islam

  1. She was known to be a very Phenomenal woman who fed and clothed the poor and was often called “Ameerat Qureysh” meaning “Princess of Qureysh” or “Khadijah Al-Kubrah” meaning Khadijah the Great or “Pious one”
  2. She proposed to the Prophet when he was 25 and she was 40 yr old after consulting her cousin Waraqah who confirmed Mohammad’s Prophethood
  3. Sources believe she bore 6 children for the Prophet; 2 boys 4 girls and they lived monogamously together for 25 years
  4. It is believed that she never worshipped or believed in Idols before the Advent of Islam, a behavior that was very unsual at the time
  5. She was the first to kearn of the Prophet’s first revelation when he returned in a terrified state from the Cave of Hira; she replied him saying “ Allah will protect you and never leave you in a state where anyone will revile you”
  6. She spent her wealth in the cause of Allah, she used her money to ransom muslim slaves, at a time, there was a trade boycott on the Hashim Clan, and the muslims were beaten, imprisoned and went on for days without food. She fed the community until the Ban was lifted
  7. She was a source of inspiration to many as she often helped the Orphan and widows, helped young girls get married and provided them dowry
  8. Because of her extraordinary character, strength, business sense and wealth she often got numerous marriage proposals which she kept turning down
  9. She was reportedly married twice, had children in both marriages, left her widowed and was really tired of marriage before she eventually proposed to the Prophet


I hope you’ve been able to learn something worthwhile about each wife and you know what makes them exceptional individually. Now you won’t be like those who get into arguments regarding the number of the wives of the Prophet (SAW). Here’s a link to listen if you missed the series on the Radio


I take blame for every thing written in error and seek Allah’s refuge. Every detail and story of each wife was written in a bid to improve the Knowledge of the Ummah and not to Mislead.

May Allah increase us in Knowledge .

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