10 Ways You Can Use Perfume Oils

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People often times hold the notion that perfume oils are used just as sprays to make them “smell nice”. But hey! Oils unlike processed Perfumes and Sprays are multipurpose. You get the opportunity to not only use for your body so for many other things. Below is a list of other things you can use oils for


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  •  You can mix your favorite fragrance with your body cream, shampoo, perfumed jelly etc.

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  • You can mix them in candle wax. Our scented candles will help because the scent of a fragrance like Good Girl Carolina or Escada with its Fruity smell will do just fine. Click to shop for one 



  • You can put some on tissue, serviette cotton balls and keep them in your drawer, closet, wardrobe, cars seats and strategic places in your house where you’ll want to constantly perceive these fragrance

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  • Add some to your bathwater especially if you’ll be pouring the water over your head.
  • Add some to your soap mixes; if you’re the type who likes to make your soaps yourself. Mixing your favorite fragrance with your soap means you won’t be needing to spray again after bath


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  • Put some on your handkerchief; when it’s in your pocket or bag the smell spreads
  • Put some on your last rinse water for clothes so the smell will be all around your clothes

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  • One very good way to save yourself from the embarrassing smelly shoe situation is by soaking cotton balls or tissue in oil and putting them in your shoes or rubbing your feet with oil before wearing the shoes if your shoe can easily get damaged by oils



  • You can use them with diffusers; unlike the regular type of diffusers mixed with alcohol that makes it evaporate fast, using perfume oils mixed with water is value for money for your diffuser. Shop diffusers here.  


  • Facial mask; facial masks are known to have ingredients that gives them some not too welcoming smell, mixing your facial mask with oils is just the right way to get you doing your skincare routine effortlessly

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With all these benefits they come with, perfume oils are definitely a must have. You’ll be surprised how far a 70ml undiluted oil will go when you try all these methods. Shopping undiluted oils is one way to make them long lasting and very useful

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