5 Compelling Benefits of Burning Incense you Should Know

Habeebat 'Azraq electric incense burner

For decade years, burning incense has been popular across various cultures and religions of the globe.

Tracing the history of spiritual and healing traditions of this sacred practice reveals the importance burning Incense in order to promote mindfulness, Peace, and profound connection.

Allow me take you through some of the most compelling benefits of burning incense


1. Stimulate Your Creative Juices:

Research has shown that burning incense can stimulate your mind and get your creative juices active and flowing , such that you can be inspired to imagine and identify the beauty around you. Incense burning boosts creativity and its aroma helps to calm your mind, invites peace such that your imaginations can run wild and free without any anxieties stressing out your brain.

2. Encourages Positive Energy:

Burning incense with essential oils is a great remedy to eliminate negativity, it makes you feel more positive, motivational and also help to drive out impurities from your soul and surroundings.

Also, Lets’s not forget that a clean and pure environment is the most beneficial strategy to keep the body and mind energetic and healthy. Get one here

3. Helps with Depression and Anxiety:

Study has shown that burning incense can help reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety. Ancient therapeutic and healing expert have advised the use of incense to drive away the feelings of depression, negative emotions and anxieties that tampers with the peace of the brain. Get one here

4.Feel Happy and Mindful of Yourself:

Study has shown that the aroma that comes from burning incense can help in opening up the nasal passages, a great remedy for flu. It also helps your body to relax well, hence, naturally reducing your blood pressure. Get one here 

5.Sleep Naturally and Blissfully:

One of the most compelling benefits of burning incense is its ability to induce drowsiness and this is considered as an ancient treatment of dealing with insomnia and sleep disorders.Get one here