7 Gift Ideas  for that Special Woman that inspires you

The season has come for you to show some love to that special woman in your life, be it your Mum, Wife, Sister, Cousin, or Boss.

This is the best time to let them know how much they mean to you and how important their existence is to you.

As you already know that we are the best gift plugin Lagos, in order to celebrate this year’s women’s day we will be offering you a special discount on all our items and we will also be giving you a Gift guide which would guide you when making a choice of gift for the woman you love.

  1. Night Oud:

The Night Oud fragrance has a sweet oud smell which tends to last longer when applied on the body. Most women that walk into the store never leave without grabbing this particular fragrance because of its rich oud smell. You won’t be making a mistake if you get this for that special woman in your life. Add to cart here


2.Scarves and Veils:

Another gift idea you can give to that special woman is our quality scarfs and luxury veils. They come in amazing colors that tend to match any outfit they might want to wear. Do you want one for Her? Get it here


3.Burkini Swim-Suit:

Our Modest Swimwear and Sportswear is another wonderful gift you can give to that special woman that you love. Now they can confidently visit the gym or a pool without the fear of exposing their body. Get one here


4.Zainab Black Abaya:

As you know, our Abayas are not regular, then why would you miss this gorgeous piece for the woman you cherish the most? The Zainab Abaya comes in black color and its complemented with a stone design at the front. This Abaya is suitable for any event or occasion. Get one here

5. Tops and Jackets:

Get quality Tops and Jackets for your loved ones today at a discounted price. Get one here

6. Ruqqayah White Abaya:

White doesn’t seem to look bad on anyone. Shop this white stoned special Abaya for that Special Person in your life today. Add to cart here

7. Sa’idat Flowery Abaya:

Our luxury Abaya made it to this women’s day celebration Sales, this is an opportunity for you to grab this luxury silky stoned dress for that special woman in your life. Get it here