A New Way, A New You

We officially welcome you to a new year, we hope you enjoyed your holidays?

You already know how we do it, 2020 is going to be all about exclusives, luxury and bespoke designs ONLY, more like we did in 2019.

I know you must have penned down your new year resolution in your diary, Did you put me in your Plan?

I bet you forgot that you will be needing some exclusive modest outfits to keep your mood on a high note this year.

It’s actually true that what you wear depicts your mood, so you see why we should be your plug for modest fashionable outfits this year.

Our outfits won’t only serve you for events and occasions, Our Corporate wears collections can also serve you for official meetings, interviews and whatever events you are going to attend.

You already know there’s no good looks without a good smell, Our Arabian oud perfumes and undiluted oils are Specially made to announce your presence anywhere you go with it’s rich Arabian smell

Our Turbans will also help compliment your look as we have them in beautiful designs and lovely colors.

Do you even know you can beautify your scarfs, jackets, and turbans with our brooches? Oh I bet you thought that was out of fashion, No it’s not Trust me that you would look good if you try that out

Let me take you through our product gallery that befits A new You:


1. Awal Long Sleeve White Jacket:

The  Awal long sleeve jackets for women would serve you for an interview, workwear or any other event you may want to attend. The women’s suit jacket with a kimono feature can be worn alongside pants trousers, denim trousers or a plain long skirt. Click here to get this product


2.  Jabraya Long Sleeve Jacket:

This  women’s suit jacket is a perfect pick for women who loves to wear colorful jackets, it’s a fashionable jacket which can be rocked as a kimono  Click here to get this product

3. Madia Kimono Abaya:

The Madia Kimono Abaya is a stylish and well-detailed kimono that would go on almost anything you are combining it with. its made with a piece of chiffon fabric and trust me you don’t have to worry about the outfit generating heat. Click here to get this product.


4. Haniya Flowery Scarf:

Looking for a multi-purpose scarf or veil that would match any outfit at all? The Haniya Scarf will do the trick. Click here to get your today.

5. Rizqin Black Inner Cap:

Our inner caps and turbans are available in many colors, hence you can decide to match your outfit with any color of your choice.it is easy to wear and the fabric its made with makes it comfortable to wear. Click here to get this product.