Enjoy the Best Deals on Abayas and Scarfs this Weekend

We already told you it will be raining discount at the Habeebat store in the Month of November. we actually meant it and I’m glad some people are already taking advantage of the sales. So last week we started with the corporate wears category for females which includes products like Jackets, Tops, and Skirts, and […]

Perfume oil vs Alcohol-based Perfumes

Have you ever imagine walking into an event or a gathering of friends and you have your senses assaulted by the harsh smell of perfume or cologne?  I bet you wouldn’t want to gag from perceiving this overwhelming odor. Well, this scenario is unavoidable when you wear Alcohol-based perfume. Perfume oil is the essential ingredient […]

7 Best Selling Oud Perfume You Should Try

Ever wonder why some people have the phrase “oud” on their lips whenever they visit a perfume store? Oh…I bet you would like to know why some people also wouldn’t want to try any other fragrance apart from the “Oud perfume”. Apart from the fact that the” oud” fragrance has a special smell of its […]

How to tie a Desert Scarf + Video

How to Tie a Desert Scarf

The Desert Scarf; often called the Shemagh or Ghutra in certain places is the everyday attire of an Arabian native. It is usually being styled differently depending on taste, style, and occasion. The easiest way to wear the desert scarf is by throwing over the neck or over the head People often try to get […]

Sallah Meat Chronicles: What Nigerians are Saying.


This year’s Eid-el-Kabir 2019 was celebrated on Sunday 11th of August, but what is Eid-el-Kabir without Sallah meat ? Just like every other Big Sallah, last Sunday did not pass without Nigerians sharing their thoughts on social media. So sit back, relax and enjoy the laughter as you read through what Nigerians were saying about their […]