5 Compelling Benefits of Burning Incense you Should Know

Habeebat 'Azraq electric incense burner

For decade years, burning incense has been popular across various cultures and religions of the globe. Tracing the history of spiritual and healing traditions of this sacred practice reveals the importance burning Incense in order to promote mindfulness, Peace, and profound connection. Allow me take you through some of the most compelling benefits of burning […]

Incense Sticks vs Bakhoor Incense

There has been so much back and forth on while some people will prefer to have an incense sticks rather than a Bakhoor incense or prefer the latter that the former. In today’s blog i will throw some light on both type of incense, so that this will guide us through when making a choice of […]

Celebrating Modest Women That Inspires us Daily

In recent times where body exposure, short dresses are greatly encouraged, Modest outfits are beginning to wipe off some closet.      Luckily, modest fashion surfaced and it seems to have become the order of the day for some great women of this century. These are women that have proven to us that we can dress modestly […]

Habeebat Outdoor Sales: Enjoy up to 50% Discount on all Selected Items

It’s officially our 1st Out-door Sales Event for the Year 2020, and because it’s the Month of Love we will be dashing out Luxury Outfit at Lowest Prices to all our customers. Excited right? This Friday at our Offline Store located at 58 Adetokunbo Ademola Street Victoria Island Lagos we will be giving out Luxury […]

10 Best Selling Perfumes You Should Add to Your Collections This Season

Habeebat Astute Blue Perfume

There’s no doubt that smelling nice is good business. There’s always these memorable feelings when your Perfume has to announce your presence before your presence is even noted. The good thing is that with the kind of Perfumes and oils being produced, you don’t even need to break a bank to get that luxury smell. […]

5 Must-Have Signature Scents in 2020


The current generation keeps running around, from spending hours in the gym, on the field, struggling for buses, heading to the office and then later to their homes, and this goes on and on for the whole day. .With such a busy life full of various activities, often they find themselves struggling with problems like […]

Lavida Combo Deals;9 Gift Ideas for your loved ones this season.

The suspense is over, its time to get lovely gift ideas for your loved ones this season. Trust me the wait was worth it because what we have packaged for you is the best gift you can ever give to someone this season. And Guess What? This gift are affordable . Relax,Grab a Drink While […]

Anticipate Our La’vida Collections

As you already know that the love season is approaching, how do you intend to put a smile on the face of your loved ones? At Habeebat store, we cherish making our wonderful customers and their loved ones happy, that is why we’ve decided to offer you something unique and affordable to gift your loved […]