10 Gifts For Nigerian Kids That Will Teach Them To Dress Modestly

Habeebat Nude Color Kids Kurta

Learning begins from Cradle.

It is important for Kids to start learning good manners and all that is needed to make them successful. What is also very important is the need to train Kids to love and appreciate modesty.

As we join our Kids in marking Children’s day and shop for things we know they will love, we should also shop for things that will be of benefit to them in this life and the hereafter.

We bring you a list of then Gifts to get your Kids this Children’s Day and we are sure you’ll be glad with our selections .




Ghalib Jalabiya for Boys 

Crisp and Fresh is a White outfit any day and time. Getting one for your Son gets him feeling clean and untouchable in the hood.

Click to order your Ghalib Jalabiya for Boys

Habeebat Male Green Desert Scarf

Male Desert Scarf

Modesty is essential and so is staying in style, it becomes a lot more memorable and fun when it is done with Daddy.  Your Kids can also rock our Male Desert scarfs on their Jalabias.

Click to shop your Male Desert Scarfs here



Pink Lulu Abaya

Girls don’t ever turn down pink dresses nor do they ever get tired of adding some more to their collections. Get your daughter feeling bubbly and excited in this Lulu Abaya

Click here to order Pink Lulu for your Girl 



Boys  Burgundy Kaftan

Elegant and Dapper! Let your son be the latest Kid on the block in this Kaftan. Good thing is; it doesn’t come in the regular masculine color and that makes it 100 % unique

Click here to get the Kaftan for your Son


Habeebat Kids Prayer Mat


The best way to teach them to pray is to get them their personal Prayer Mats. They will definitely run off to Solaah before you remind them to do so

Click here to get Prayer Mat for your Kids 


Habeebat Aasimah Instant Hijab

Aasimah Instant Hiajb

Pins can hurt your girl. Having an Instant Hijab makes hijab wearing a lot more fun. Our Aasimah Instant Hijab also comes in a small size for your beloved daughter and that makes it easy for mummy and daughter to rock same design.

Click here to get the Aasimah Hijab for your daughter




Jaleena Abaya

Shades of Nature and the beauty it beholds. Get your daughter all warmed up in this thick jersey Jaleena Abaya. The Abaya can also serve the purpose of a regular gown which makes it a Multipurpose dress

Click here to shop Jaleena Abaya 


Habeebat Nude Color Kids Kurta

Boys Cream Kurta

Not your regular Kaftan. Get your Kids looking all the way Unique and fly in our Kurta’s made from Egyptian Cotton. It’s easy to spot them as that Kid that wears something the others do not.

Click here to get the Cream Kurta for your Boys 


Habeebat Iffat Viscose Scarf

Iffat Viscose Scarf

Getting your girls pretty scarfs makes the training to be modest easy. Because each time they have it on, their friends get to tell them how lovely it is. And who doesn’t like to be flattered. Our Iffat Scarf is soft, easy to style and beautiful.

Get your Girls our Iffat Scarf here


Habeebat Male Prayer Caps

Male Prayer Caps

Off to the Masjid! Get your Son longing to hear the Adhan and wanting to have his friend try on his Cap with our collection of colorful skull caps. They come in small and large sizes.

Click here to get your sons our glowing prayer caps 

Look no further to get your little ones the best gift this children’s day in Ramadan than  from Habeebat It’s all about bringing a newness in your Kids

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