20 Fashion Gift Ideas For The Muslim Women In Your Life(INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY)

As much as every woman around you is to be treated specially every day, singling out a day makes you a lot more conscious of their impact in your life and the need to appreciate them, one of those days is The International Women’s Day for celebrating Women’s achievement throughout history. We bring you a guide with gift ideas for the Muslim women in your life and reasons why these gifts are just perfect. You can get a gift for your Mother, Wife, Sister, female friend or daughter. Bear in mind that it’s not just the men who should buy these gifts, as a woman you could buy for the females around you too.



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  1. Idiah stoned Bubbu Abaya: Easy to wear is the definition of a Bubbu Dress. Trust you want to get her a dress you’ll like to see her in regularly because mother’s will toss aside a dress that doesn’t make them feel very comfortable. The stones and glitter that comes with it grants the dress some timeless sauce thereby making her feel young and in vogue. Get it here Habeebat-Duuvet-inspired-prayer-rug
  2. Prayer Mat; a mother’s prayer is unquantifiable. Getting her a Prayer Mat means you don’t have to remind her how much you need her prayers. Because she automatically remembers each time she prays as she enjoys the fluff and comfy feeling the Rug gives her. Shop the Comfy Mat




Kashkha Veil: A scarf is a wardrobe staple for every mum, you know how they do all those their gatherings and all. Giving her a durable scarf like the Kashkha plus the size the scarf come in makes it one scarf she’ll always want to have in handy. Add the beauty to your cart 



Incense Burner; The soothing fragrance of incense reminds of her amazing child especially when she doesn’t have to bother about clearing the ash from coal. Our Electric Incense Burner is just what you should get Momma here.Get one here 



Habeebat Escada Moon Sparkle Oil


  1. Escada Moon Sparkle Oil; a fruity fragrance from your wife makes it easy for you to come close and talk about your activities all through the day without missing a thing. Undiluted oils are long lasting, so best believe this scent will be with her all through the night. Find your scent here 

Habeebat Haneeya Full Length Hijab a

  1. Khimar: Because you will be held accountable for your wife on the day of reckoning and also you want her to pray right behind you with no discomfort at all. It’s important you get her our Haneeya Khimar with its calm Persian shade of green.


  1. Turkey Gown: You want to have her all covered up and chic when you both get invited for some buffet or dinner. Our best selling purple khalidah gown is definitely the real deal for those kinds of outings. Did you also know that purple is known to signify luxury, royalty and lots more so hurry up and buy one here?


  1. Scented Candles; now this is one thing you both get to benefit from, light up your room and enjoy the fragrance and décor the candle brings because she’ll definitely love it on her dressing table to hold a couple of things like pins and accessories when the wax burns out. Shop here 



Habeebat Jemima Patterned Scarf


  1. Jemima Patterned Scarf; Patterns never go out of fashion remember? Everyone will sure want to have a sibling like you when they tell her she has a chicly patterned scarf like ours . Shop for it  


  1. Dazeita Hooded Abaya; Hooded Abayas are the in thing, the adornment and glitz the attire has makes it a goal. She’ll get so proud of telling the world each time she remembers her finest hoody dress was a gift from her Sibling. Shop one here



  1. Cream Wall Art: She gets to beam each time she steps in and has to check the time, this will no doubt make her grow fond of you. Shop our best-selling Wall Art in one click 



  1. Banan Instant Hijab; Unique is the word for this hijab. The fact that you went all the way to get her one that is not like the others she sees around makes it even more adorable.Hijab available here 




  1. Prayer Mat; Because you want to be with your beloved friend in Jannah. Get her a comfy prayer mat that makes her joyfully ready to pray. Get her one 




  1. Aa’eeda Pearl Abaya: Ever heard the saying “Pearls are everything”? Yes, pearls are indeed the icing to the cakes of any dress. Get your friend all glammed up in our aa’eeda pearl abaya. Shop the Pearly goodness here 



  1. Masira Kurti: If your friend is a casual dresser then you’ve got to get her one of our cute Kurti’s in a click. This will definitely make her remember what a wonderful friend she has in you each time she dons the Kurti. Get it now 


  1. Aamir Pin: A one hook easy to use pin is one way to make that friend love wrapping her head often. She gets to smile each time she sees the gift from her friend and will remember its purpose which will serve as an encouragement without you having to say a word. Get the pin here





  1. Hajah Flowery Open Abaya; girls love colors you know and open abaya’s are so easy to throw on either she wants to have it pinned to place or very open. Be the parent every child that comes in contact with her longs to have by getting her the Abaya here





  1. Bahameen Abaya Hijab: A Hijab that comes in a calm and soothing color like our Bahmeen Abaya Hijab is just the ideal way to train your daughter the ways of the believing women without her even been conscious of it because she’ll always love to dress in it for almost any less formal outing.Shop for it here 



  1. Turban: Turbans save her the wrapping time. Remind her how much you want her to be early to important places so she can smash those goals and you can be a very proud parent and show her off eagerly. Get her one right here>>>



  1. Uldaysah Female Jacket; for the not too cold days and you don’t want your sweet babygirl calling to say she caught the flu because she didn’t consider the weather too cold and didn’t want to wear her sweatshirt. Add this to your daughters’ wardrobe here.  

There you go! I hope this list has saved you the stress of having to rack your brain and search for the right gifts without having to break a bank or visit a store because we will get it to just in just one click.

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