4 Female Accessories you need to spice up your slay game.

Accessories plays an important role in female outfit especially on days when you want to showcase a tight slay game; only the halal way though.

In recent times, fashion has evolved and hence we have to keep up with the trend. Introducing Halal fashion accessories into our daily fashion outfits will definitely give us what we want; fashion wise.

Have you been wondering what these accessories are?

Here are endless list of Accessories and few tips on how to shop for them;

  1. The Hijab: Hijab is a head covering, It is a commandment from our Lord and hence all Muslim women must obey. Adhering to this command, our hijab should not be boring. Thankfully, in recent times manufacturers of hijab now produce hijabs that are well embellished with stones and pearls which makes the hijab more beautiful and presentable. Shop now Habeebat Black Ranah Hijab with beads
  2. Brooches: commonly used to beautify the headwraps; As a matter of fact, some people use the brooch to complement their jackets. The Brooch is a big and bold item that can be easily noticed from a far distance for its beauty, hence it will definitely spice up your slay. Add one to cart here.
  1. Pins: These are quite tiny items and produced in different shapes and designs. Using 2 to 3 pins on a fashionable scarf would give you that smart look.
  2. Head Accessories: Most often, this is used by brides on their big day (wedding day). It is mostly designed in gold or silver color. It is also an important fashion item in an Arabian outfit. Well, if you are a fashion game changer. Trust me you can rock head accessory on any day. Add one to your closet here.    100+ Best Hijab with accessories images | hijab, hijab fashion, hijabi
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