4 key Points to Note Before Hanging that Beautiful Art

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We hope that you will find an Art or Paintings on our website that inspires you. Perhaps you have excitedly ordered a wall art and you are just waiting for it to arrive your doorstep.



But there is a slight problem, you do not have any experience with DIY (Do- it – Yourself). No!!!!!!

Not to worry, just read on

Of course, it is easy for people to say that you just need to knock a nail on the wall and hang the picture, but you want to make sure that it looks good and avoid causing any damage to yourself, the art or the wall.

Here are few things to keep in Mind;


Check Your Wall First

Preparation is key to successfully hanging a piece of art. You might have thought that you do not need to do a lot of work. However, you are wrong!!!


The material you used for your wall should be your first concern. If it is a solid brick, you will need to drill through it. If its not solid brick, then you need to be sure that your wall can sustain the weight if the Artwork.

You don’t want to hang something only for it to damage your wall.



Choosing Appropriate Hangers/ Nails

Again, this isn’t as simple as knocking a nail into a wall. You will need to consider the weight of the Wall art. Below are some information that will help;

For Heavyweight Art /Frame: You need a Large Strong nail to hang the Art. This will give the Art extra support and ensure that it is held firmly.

For Mid-weight Piece, Picture hangers or small sized nail can suffice. They do not need large support as compared to the heavyweight Art.

For Light weight Art, Picture hanger is perfect for hanging them.

Follow Safety Measure

You would work with equipment that you are not really familiar with for the DIY process, first ensure you maintain a balance while hanging the Art, Focus on the nail during the nailing process also ensure to protect your fingers from injury.

A Piece of Advice

Glass Art can be quite dangerous in the home especially when kids are around. Recently, Glassless frame are the cool dude.


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