4 Ways To Pair Your Open Abaya With Other Clothes For A Modest Look

Habeebat Aabirah Women Hooded Abaya
Abaya is a symbol of modest dressing for Muslim women. Though, many Nigerian women find it hard to decide on how to style their Abaya, most especially their opened Abaya. In this article, you are going to discover 4 unique ways to style and pair your Open Abaya with other clothes to look modest and stylish.  
  1. You can style your Open Abaya wearing a jean trouser and a camisole underneath.
  2. STRAIGHT PANTS; A straight pant is a trouser worn mostly formally, it can be worn under a well embroidered Abaya that makes it look more stylish. Personally, I prefer this look on a Friday when you have to dress formally to work at the same time dress modestly for Jumah.
  3. PALAZZO; Palazzo is a wide pant worn mostly with a body top or a camisole with an overall jacket/Abaya. A Palazzo is a good choice for an Open Abaya especially wen going for an informal outing, as it adds more decency and uniqueness to the look and compliments the beauty of the Abaya. 
  4. STRAIGHT SKIRT; Here, a straight skirt with a camisole is worn underneath the Abaya and to make it perfect, a heeled shoe is worn alongside.
So, how would you rather rock yours?   Ready to try an open Abaya? Click here to purchase your stylish Abaya in our Habeebat Store Photo Credit @habeebatfashionstore (An Islamic modest fashion store). Don’t forget to thumbs up and subscribe to our blog post for more fashion tips and insights.          
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