Top 5 Turkish Wears for Any Occasion

The Turkish fashion industry has been worthy of emulation, they are no less when it comes down to business and market growth. They’ve risen high and made its name known internationally and its government has also been overtly progressive by welcoming international fashion brands to sell in Turkey as well as exporting their fashion elements all across the world, and we all know that’s good profit. Turkey wears can be rocked any day, anytime, anywhere, for every/any occasion, these wears are not just stylish but trendy and of course gorgeous, one noteworthy thing about these wears is that they are unique, every design and style is only made in very few pieces. COMMON MISCONCEPTIONS ABOUT THE ABAYA Here’s a list of some trendy Turkish wears;
Tunics are tops particularly trendy as a day wear, whether you are out exploring the city or just having a casual day, tunics are the perfect choice for you. It can be worn with skirt or trousers or jeggings. Habeebat_Elma_Kurti
Skirts serves as a favorite outfit for all seasons. A sophisticated pencil skirt style is what you may need in a solemn occasion, it can be worn with a shirt or body top or camisole with a jacket. A light make up, slender heels would also be a perfect addition. Skater skirts is fast becoming a go-to-to skirt. It can be worn to school, college, or a casual day out with friends, when worn to work, a nice blazer should be added for a professional look. A tulle skirt is perfect for a semi-formal event. Habeebat_Fashion_Style_Ideas_for_the_Corporate_Muslimah
Jackets are lovely for formal wear/events, they can be worn on skirt or pant trousers to work with a flat shoe or heeled shoes. Jackets can also be worn for semi-formal/ informal events, they can be worn with jeans or jeggings, with a pair of sneakers/boots could bring perfection and bliss to the whole outfit. Habeebat_Fashion_Style_Ideas_for_the_Corporate_Muslimah
  1. BURKINI-swimwear
Thinking of what to wear to the beach, pool or mountaintop? Turkish swim wears are very comfortable and gives you the right flexibility needed. Burkinis are fast becoming a beach trend in Nigeria, as it is not only modest but stylish as well.
  1. GOWNS
Turkish wears are particularly trendy as you can easily get warm, stylish and gorgeous dresses for a ravishing look and take your place at the fashion world. They can be formally to an official meeting or worn to a dinner or date night. There are stylish dresses that can serve as a wedding reception gown or even an after-dinner party. Conclusively, do not forget to shop our new arrivals at (we have unique items for each and every one of YOU, because all our customers are special just like our products). Habeebat_Mint_Green_Tunic_Shirt P.S. Do not forget to subscribe to our blog post to receive notifications on when a new post is up on the blog, also, your likes and comments will be well appreciated.
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