5 Fashion Mistakes Ruining your Modest Style

We live in an age where there are lots of fashion rules. But, if you are dressing, it can be quite a struggle to keep up with trends and adapt them to your modest choice of clothing. Sometimes, this can lead to you making mistakes. And so to help you, we have put together some fashion mistakes to avoid as you pick your modest style.

Buying and wearing abayas that do not fit

Yes, modest fashion does not mean wearing tight clothes that showcase your figure. But your clothes have to fit. Don’t just wear anything long and flowing that hangs off your body and looks unflattering. When shopping, consider your body type and choose abayas that fit. Be sure to check size guides, especially when buying online.

Safety pins in scarves and hijabs

Most scarves and hijabs are delicate, and safety pins only puncture a hole in them and make them look less attractive. Rather than destroying a beautiful scarf, why not opt for sophisticated pins and brooches (hypertext: link to accessories page on the website) that give an air of elegance to your head covering without overpowering it.

Using Safety Pins is a fashion mistake you should avoid. Use our Hijab Clip Brooch to hold your hijab in place.
Gold Hijab Clip Brooch
Colorful Hijab Pins
Colorful Hijab Pins

Wearing too many layers

Layers are necessary for modest dressing, but they can become very uncomfortable due to the weather. When using layers, ensure that the material is light and breathable and that you are covered up well.

Wearing your hijab without a scarf underneath

An under scarf helps in accentuating your facial shape and prevents the scarf from slipping away. It provides you with more coverage and will help hold your hair back. No matter how many pins you use to keep your hijab in place, your hijab will slip, especially if you have silky, smooth hair. So make sure to wear a scarf before wearing your hijab. 

If you need to skip the underscarf, you will need a hijab with a good amount of breadth. Make a few layers at the top and drape it over the chest to create neat layers at the bottom of the hijab.

Draped Hijab Style

Too many accessories

One of the quickest ways to ruin your look is by wearing too many accessories. If you wear a head chain, for example, then you do not have to wear earrings or studs on your face. You do not have to wear every piece of accessories you have, like head chains, earrings, necklaces, bags, and rings. Sometimes less is more.

You can avoid these fashion mistakes and more if you put a little thought into your fashion choices. Make sure you know your body type and size and steer away from basic fashion styles you already know.

In conclusion, take time to explore all your options. That is where Habeebat Fashion Store comes in. We offer a range of modest fashion options, including abayas and kimonos, hijabs, kaftans, jalamias, corporate wear, fashion accessories, and lots more.

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