5 Must-Have Signature Scents in 2020


The current generation keeps running around, from spending hours in the gym, on the field, struggling for buses, heading to the office and then later to their homes, and this goes on and on for the whole day.

.With such a busy life full of various activities, often they find themselves struggling with problems like body odor, Unpleasant scents.

When you are in front of a board meeting, or having a client meeting, meeting a new catch or chatting with colleagues, body odor is the last thing you wish to happen with you. To avoid it, we use endless products but are they enough for your problem?  will they help you get rid of the body odor?

I doubt it!

At Habeebat store, we have luxury signature scents that would help keep your body refreshing all day. That means you can go about your daily activities without the fear of having a strange odor


Here are the top 5 perfumes that should be your signature scent this season.


1.Resolute blue  Perfume:

Khalis Resolute Blue perfume is a fresh jasmine fragrance that opens with sparkling notes of the masculine. It has a powerful characteristic of introducing your arrival before you even speak. Interesting right?

Khalis perfumes were launched in UAE with the stars of Bollywood amid great fanfare.  Click here to add to cart

Habeebat Astute Blue Perfume

2.Astute White Perfume:

Astute white consists of citrus, sweets, floral and musky fragrance. It is a unisex perfume which makes it suitable for both male and female. And guess what? It contains a unique fragrance called “the MUSK” fragrance which will definitely keep you Scentsy all day. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to miss out on this. Get one here

Habeebat Astute White Perfume
Habeebat Astute White Perfume

3.Hibah Perfume:

Not only does Hibah have a luxurious look, but it also contains a classic fragrance. You will agree with me that this perfume has an irresistible package. Not only that, the fragrance itself is exceptional. To ooze out a fruity fragrance all day. Add to cart here

Habeebat Hisbah Perfume
Habeebat Hisbah Perfume


4. Alisbah Perfume :

Alisbah perfume by Khalis is an Oriental, leathery and musky fragrance for the classic men. You want a “oh, lovely fragrance” compliment. This is your best bet. Get one here

Habeebat Alisbah Perfume
Habeebat Alisbah Perfume

5. ‘IF’ women Perfume:

Specially made for the elegant women, ‘IF’ for women Perfume consists of vanilla and fruity scents. Do you want to stay even more attractive and unique than usual?

‘IF’ for women would give you that feminine demeanor and a real style. Get one here

Habeebat IF Women Perfume
Habeebat IF Women Perfume
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