5 Scarfs You Must Have In Your Closet

5 scarfs you must have in your closet

Scarfs. They come in different designs, and textures. It is not unusual to find that the majority of your scarfs are Cotton or Pashmina. Thumbs up if you have a polyester or jersey scarf in your closet, it goes to show that you are slightly ahead of those who wrap regular scarfs.  Scarfs are a very important fashion accessory that is why you need to pay close attention to the 5 scarfs you must-have in your closet.


Cashmere Scarf

Cashmere fabrics are made from wools gotten out of goats. Cashmere has always been known as a luxury fiber. A cashmere scarf grants you the opportunity to own one of these luxury pieces. Shop for one


5 scarfs you must have in your closet


Viscose Scarf

Viscose is known as a semi-synthetic fiber. People often mistake it for a lesser grade of polyester but those who are versed about its sleekness know it is very different, they also know it is a wardrobe must-have. Check it out


5 scarfs you must have in your closet


Silk scarf

Silk fabrics are obtained from the cocoons of silkworms. Silk scarves have an unmatchable smoothness, especially when neatly pressed with an Iron. Silk scarf avails its wearer a striking elegance so long as it is properly pinned in place and neatly tucked. Add to cart.


5 scarfs you must have in your closet


Crinkle Scarf

Until recently, crinkle fabrics were mostly used in making dresses, nightwears, and blouses. Crinkle fabric has come to be appreciated now with more women having crinkle scarfs in varying designs and colors. It is important you do not miss out on the crinkle scarf trend. If you do not want to be found wrapping the very common crinkle you find around, then our cheetah prints crinkle is your plug


5 scarfs you must have in your closet



Kashkha Scarf

Kashkha scarves have come to be known as those uniquely stone embellished premium scarves. The length makes it your ideal scarf for gatherings that require you being solemn, the embellishment makes you dazzle regardless of your appearance. Did you know that Kashkha means Beautiful in Arabic? Shop your beauty here


5 scarfs you must have in your closet 5 scarfs you must have in your closet



You will certainly offer your closet and look a facelift with these adorable and unusual scarves.

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