5 Simple Steps to Shop Seamlessly From Our Website

Online Shopping is very easy and has little or no stress at all especially on an E-commerce website like habeebat.com. Online shopping is now widely acceptable in the world and it is topmost shopping experience that has been adopted in recent times. It allows you to shop for any product of your choice and caliber from anywhere you are in the world; all you need is a gadget (like phone) and mobile data. With the current digitalized world, you can shop any product of your choice from our catalogue right from the comfort of your home. While being aware that you know the company’s website link (www.habeebat.com), here are proven steps to seamlessly place your order on the website.
  1. Click on the 3 Dash at the Top Left Corner of the website: Well, this applies only when you are using a phone. This is the spot to find all available product on our website. As soon as you click on this dashes, all categories pop up and you can navigate all categories to choose products of your choice.
  2. Click On the Product of your Choice: When you click on that product that caught your sight, you will be able to view the product better as it comes out bigger and clearer. After going through the image to your content and you are sure to make a purchase, click on the “ADD TO BASKET” button underneath.
  3. Proceed to “But Now”: After clicking on the “ADD TO BASKET” link, it takes you back to the product page so that you can shop for as many product as you want. After shopping to satisfaction, then click on the buy now button.
  4. Fill our Contact Details: After clicking on Buy Now, you will be taken to checkout page where you can fill out your contact. Don’t forget to put in your email to receive new arrival notification from us.
  5. Payments: Payments on our website is very easy and safe. You can either pay with your (Debit/Credit cards) or you pay via Direct bank transfer.
Having done all of this, be rest assured that your transaction is secured. One of our Sales Person will contact you as soon as we receive your information. So I hope henceforth, you will have fun shopping your favorite product on our website.
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