6 Gift Ideas Every Muslim Kids Deserves for Eid

By simply indulging your kids with a special gift  no matter what the occasion may be is a good way to put a smile on their face and this would also signify how much you love them.

Some parents feel it might be a little bit tricky selecting an ideal gift for their Muslim kids but I bet to correct them that there are lots and lots of tangible gift that you can give to your kids that would stay in their memory for life.

At habeebat store, we have carefully selected the right choice of gift that would suit your kids this season and beyond.

Here are the top six(6) Eid Gifts Every Muslim Kids deserves this season

1. Salat Mat :

The kids prayer mat is one unique gift that every Muslim Children would appreciate.At habeebat the kids prayer mat has been carefully designed for children so that they can be able to pray on their own. Every parents wants to make prayer an habit for their children, hence, gifting your kids a prayer mat that would enable them to pray on their own is a good choice.

At habeebat our kids prayer mat is durable, portable and can be carried about without stress, and its also available in lovely colors and designs. Click here to get this gift for your kids.

Kids prayer mat

2. Girls Abaya:

The girls Abaya is also one unique gift you can gift to your girl child in this season. At habeebat we have carefully handpicked colorful and flowing Abaya that would suit your kids  very well . This Abayas are available for girl within Age 1 to 12. Click here to add to cart.


3.Boys Jalamia :

The boys jalamia is also one perfect gift that your boys would cherish this season. They come in amazing colors and they are also made with quality fabrics. You can get this choice of your gift for your child if hes’s within Age 1 to 15. Add to cart here

4.Boys Kaftan:

For parents who loves the up and down style on their kids, this is just the perfect gift for that lovely son of yours, as it comes in different colors and its specially designed to fit boys within the ages of 3- 16yrs. Apart from the up and down feature, this outfit is also well detailed with  embroideries. Add to cart here


6. Kids Hijabs:

Our kids hijabs comes in exciting colors such that you may not be needing a matching dress to complement it with. The hijab comes in a quality lycra fabric which makes it easy to wear and durable. You should get this alongside with any of our  girls Abaya. Add to cart here

6. Igal and Ghutra:

This igal and Ghutra is one unique accessories used by the Arabs to compliment their outfit and trust me it really looks good on them. You can get an igal and ghutra for your kids as well to compliment their jalamia . we have this accessories available for kids within the ages of 5 to 20 . Add to cart here 

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