8 Dapper Looks From Nigerian Male Celebrities

8 Dapper Looks from Nigerian Male Celebrities
When it comes to letting it all out on looks, Nigerian celebrities certainly set a pace to aim for. However, it is just not about the outfit but the effect and eccentricity they put into what they wear and how they wear it. In the month of July, we’ve certainly come across some hard to ignore  8 Dapper Looks from Nigerian Male celebrities and we can’t help but share some of our top picks with you.
1. Ijaduade Ololade Azeez (@kingzeez1)
If you ever thought you couldn’t step out looking all-black then you’ve got to have a rethink. KingZeez is nothing short of dope in his all-black look.

2. Ibrahim Yekini Bakare (@Iteledicon):
Now, who would have thought the Actor who is known for his bad-boy roles, all chains, and guns looks could pull off this look and still look amazing. Iteledicon is here to tell you a dress is defined by who wears it.
3. Sani Danja(realsanidanja):
Orange!!! OMG! If you’re one of those who believe men in bright colored outfits look like they were plucked from a flower garden. You might be just right. Sani Danja is definitely not one to shy away from bright colors regardless of his complexion. This look is a hit any day.
4. Ibrahim Chatta (@ibrahimchatta_lordthespis):
Now “Daz how starz do”. Take a look at Ibrahim Chatta serving us some runway model looks. He sure knows the very good ways to accessorize his looks with the right shade and jewelry.


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Allaah’s Mercy is sufficient…

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5. Adetola Adedimeji Lateef (@adedimejilateef):

From his skits to his poses, to his dressing; adedimeji lateef is definitely a goal. Make sure you save this image for the days when you have a doubt about how to touch up your blue dress with a shade of green.



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One day , you will lock your door but you will not be the one to open it One day , you will wash that your best clothes and you will not be able to wear it One day , your best food will be prepared and you will not be able to eat it One day ,you will eat and drink what you will never excrete One day, your curriculum vitae will get expired One day, the person that seems to love you most will never dare to move closer to you One day, you will think and you will never accomplish it One day, you will be regarded as that ”thing “ One day, you will be isolated in a place call”grave “ One day, that thing you love most will come your way and you will not be able to give any attention to it One day, you will hold your breathe and forget to release it One day, you will become a defendant before God One day ,housefly ,termites will come your way and you will be unable to chase them One day, you will receive a call that never be decline One day, your name will be called but no one will answer One day, the assets you cherished most will be taken by another person One day your deed on earth will be presented like a CD One day, a title will be added to your name “LATE” One day ,the great allocator will allocate you to am appropriate place One day, your beautiful skin will turn to it’s original nature__ “SAND” One day, your entire body will cease operation One day, you will be given an infinite apartment, either palace or hell All am saying is Take life easy and remember that life is just an episode but its can determine your eternity. Kindly keep this in mind incase ……….. I comot. I delievered the message of Death is inevitably unavoidable Waka jeje inside life. #Godbepraised Jummah Mubarak .

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6. Ibrahim Suleiman (@ibrahimsuleimanofficial):
Hey! Here comes Captain Quest sending us a roar in a uniquely patterned blue kaftan. If you haven’t noticed, the Actor makes sure to complement his looks with ideal caps.


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“May Your North Star Guide You Home” One of these days I’ll share the stories of my first encounters with @editieffiong @zvlv and @topeoshinfilm Also, the roles @kelvin_ibokima and @msjazzyfied played in getting me to audition for the role of Sadiq. But I’ll do all that after you wonderful people see @upnorththefilm_ from the 28th of December. In the meantime, just know that (minus all obvious bias) #UpNorththefilm is the best Nollywood movie I’ve seen in a couple of years. So I beg you, go see it. You’ll be thrilled you did. Enjoy the rest of your week, and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! #ibrahimOnimisiSuleiman #sonOfAisha #ArchitectChoroegrapherArtistActor #captainQuest #pesinozzband Tunic by @lookslikeagoodman

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7. Jide Awobona (jideawobona)
Just in case you haven’t considered the Jenifa’s Diary Actor your MCM. Here is your chance to do just that.


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This means a lot to me as it’s of of the few things that keeps me on the go Reposted from @ktdentertainment – ????????? ring the ? ??? Its #ktdmonday and on this episode we unveil our Celebrity Movie Personality of the week … His Royal ? Actor BABAJIDE AWOBONA!!!??? Babajide Awobona is a talented Nollywood actor ???born on the 9th of february in Lagos. He is from Ago Iwoye in Ogun state. He is an actor, a model, an entrepreneur and a compere. He has featured in Some Series of Super Story, Binta and Friends, This Life,jenifas diary, Hush, Tinsel, Kampson’s and Neighbour,The Campus, Face to Face, Family Ties, So Wrong So Wright to mention a few. He is also a prominent face in home videos both English and Yoruba. Jide Awobona as he is fondly called is passionate about Nollywood and he is constantly contributing his own share to the development and progress of Nollywood as a whole. #ktdlovers please join us in welcoming this multifaceted award winning actor. We look forward to a working relationship with you now and beyond even as we grow our brand! ?? @jideawobona – #regrann

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8. Alinuhu Mohammed (realalinuhu)
The Northern Trailblazer certainly knows a good way to be on a white garment. You’ll also notice how much he pays attention to his dressing by the way he wrapped is Ghutra scarf so dutifully.
Yes, this list is not an exhaustive list and we are certain you also saw some dapper looks you couldn’t avert your eyes from.
Do us a favor please, share their names and handles so a lot more people can take a look
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