Blessed Friday Deals : Enjoy the best deals on our Men Collections.

You all know it’s the  ‘Black Friday’ season, we at Habeebat  Store dare to be different and we named ours ‘Blessed Friday’. This super opportunity comes up just once in a year, and this period is the best time to add beautiful designs of clothes to your wardrobe. We’ve decided to surprise our supermen this very season so feel free to add whatever suits you to your cart and we will deliver to your doorstep in no time. For Classy men that love bespoke designs and top-notch quality clothes, this Friday is for you, we will be dishing out some mouth-watering deals on our Men’s Kurta, Jalabia, Caps, desert Scarves, and Igal. Let me take you through some of the designs you will be getting at lesser prices this Friday:   <

1. The Jibran India Kurta:

This product is available in Gold and Blue, it is designed in such a way that it can serve Nikkah Purpose for a Muslim  Groom, it can also be worn to events because of its uniqueness and style.  Click here to get this product:  

2. Faaran White Kurta:

For those men that love to look their best to the office on Fridays, this is a must-have for you because this can serve you as Native and you can complement this outfit with a matching cap from any of our cap collections. Click here to shop for this product.  

3. Jaabir Grey Kurta:

Do not underestimate the power of colors especially when you are adding new items to your wardrobe. The Jaabir Grey Kurta has a very creative masterpiece design on its chest area which makes this particular outfit unique and stylish. Click here to get this product:  

4. Mahbeer White Jalamia:

You already know we don’t do regular, this particular jalamia is one compare to one, it can be worn for prayer and outing purposes. Different colors of this Jalamias will be on sales this Friday, click here to get them.

5. The Red Ghutra Scarf:

This is a perfect combo with our Jalamia. It can be used by a Muslim Groom for their wedding and can also be rocked to important functions click here to get this product.   6. Adar Blue Cap:  This is a good match if you are wearing a plain Jalamias in any here to get this product  

7. Hajj Thick Knitted Caps:

This is a perfect cap for prayers and it will match any of our clothes. Click here to shop for this product.
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