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Blessed Friday Deals : Enjoy the best deals on our Men Collections.

You all know it’s the  ‘Black Friday’ season, we at Habeebat  Store dare to be different and we named ours ‘Blessed Friday’. This super opportunity comes up just once in a year, and this period is the best time to add beautiful designs of clothes to your wardrobe. We’ve decided to surprise our supermen this […]

7 Best Selling Oud Perfume You Should Try

Ever wonder why some people have the phrase “oud” on their lips whenever they visit a perfume store? Oh…I bet you would like to know why some people also wouldn’t want to try any other fragrance apart from the “Oud perfume”. Apart from the fact that the” oud” fragrance has a special smell of its […]

Top 5 Fashion Do’s and Don’ts For the Nigerian Muslim Man

Top 5 Fashion Do's and Don'ts for the Nigerian Muslim Man

“Everything is Halaal until there is a ruling stating it as Haraam”. In modern times, people often hold the notion that modesty or dressing in certain ways in Islam pertains only to Muslim Women. You get to find Nigerian and Non-Nigerian Scholars preaching dress etiquettes, do’s and don’ts for Women while leaving out the Men. […]

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