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The Best Unisex Perfume Notes to Use for Different Occasions

best unisex perfumes

The art of perfumery has been around for centuries, captivating people with its tantalizing scents and ability to evoke emotions and memories.  Perfumes can transport us to another world with just one spritz, and choosing the right fragrance can make a big difference in how we feel and present ourselves to the world. With the […]

10 Best Selling Perfumes You Should Add to Your Collections This Season

Habeebat Astute Blue Perfume

There’s no doubt that smelling nice is good business. There’s always these memorable feelings when your Perfume has to announce your presence before your presence is even noted. The good thing is that with the kind of Perfumes and oils being produced, you don’t even need to break a bank to get that luxury smell. […]

5 Must-Have Signature Scents in 2020


The current generation keeps running around, from spending hours in the gym, on the field, struggling for buses, heading to the office and then later to their homes, and this goes on and on for the whole day. .With such a busy life full of various activities, often they find themselves struggling with problems like […]

Perfume oil vs Alcohol-based Perfumes

Have you ever imagine walking into an event or a gathering of friends and you have your senses assaulted by the harsh smell of perfume or cologne?  I bet you wouldn’t want to gag from perceiving this overwhelming odor. Well, this scenario is unavoidable when you wear Alcohol-based perfume. Perfume oil is the essential ingredient […]

7 Best Selling Oud Perfume You Should Try

Ever wonder why some people have the phrase “oud” on their lips whenever they visit a perfume store? Oh…I bet you would like to know why some people also wouldn’t want to try any other fragrance apart from the “Oud perfume”. Apart from the fact that the” oud” fragrance has a special smell of its […]

10 Ways You Can Use Perfume Oils

Habeebat Cover Image b

People often times hold the notion that perfume oils are used just as sprays to make them “smell nice”. But hey! Oils unlike processed Perfumes and Sprays are multipurpose. You get the opportunity to not only use for your body so for many other things. Below is a list of other things you can use […]

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