Choosing Abaya Styles for your Body Type

It can sometimes be hard to choose among the wide variety of abaya styles available on the market. The key to looking good as a modest dresser is not about following all of the latest fashion trends but rather about staying true to your style. So how do you know what your unique style is?

The first step to creating a unique style and standing out is learning and understanding your body type. You need to know what works for you and what doesn’t.

When shopping for abayas, especially online, knowing your body type will help you pick the most fitting abaya styles for your unique body type. Check out the different body types below. 

The Different Body Types

Dressing well is about creating balance. Understanding how to dress for your body type can make a huge difference when choosing your outfits. Let’s take a look at some of the most common body types of women.

Rectangle Shape:

The rectangle shape is a body type in which the bust, shoulders, and hips are the same widths. Women with this body type have a bit of waist definition.

Rectangle Body Type

Round Shape:

The round shape is also known as the apple body type. People with this shape have a bigger bust and narrow hips with no defined waistline. They typically have a fuller midsection.

Round/Apple Body Type

Triangle Shape:

Also known as the pear shape, this body type features wide hips and narrow busts and shoulders. Women with a pear shape typically have slim arms and full thighs.

Triangle/Pear Body Type

Hourglass Shape:

A person with an hourglass shape is considered curvy. This body type consists of equal measurements of the bust and hips with a tiny and well-defined waist.

Hourglass Shape

The bone structure of a person dictates their body type more than weight and height. That is why each of the different body types includes short, tall, thin, and thick shapes.

Abaya Styles for Different Body Types

At Habeebat, we have abayas and modest outfits for all body types. Therefore, follow our guide below for the best way to pick an abaya style that elevates your appearance and makes you feel confident and comfortable according to your body type.

Abaya for a Rectangle Body Type:

If you have a rectangle shape, you can wear pretty much anything. However, since your shoulders and hips are similar in size, you want to choose styles that break up the rectangle at the waist with a belt. Our Kaylar Two-toned Abaya would be an ideal choice.

Abaya styles for a rectangle body type
Kaylar Abaya

Abaya Styles for Round (Apple) Body Type:

For round body types, avoid drawing attention to your waist. You need to maintain a balance, so it is best to opt for an abaya style that highlights your shoulders and adds fullness to the bottom of the dress.

Also, while highlighting your shoulders, stay away from outfits that make you look top-heavy because you have a fuller midsection. An appropriate style for this type is our Bushrah Stone 2-piece Abaya.

Abaya styles for apple body type
Bushrah 2-piece Abaya

Abaya for a Triangle (Pear) Body Type:

Modest dressing for pear body types is about minimizing your hips. If you have a pear shape, you want to highlight your shoulders and draw attention away from your waist and thighs. So, draw focus to your upper body with emphasis on your sleeves because of your slim arms. You will need an abaya with sleeves that flare out from the elbows. A suitable abaya style for this body type is our Eeshal Abaya.

Abaya styles for a triangle/pear body type
Eeshal Abaya

Abaya Styles for Hourglass Body Type:

If you have an hourglass figure, your waist is what you want to highlight when choosing an abaya style. Follow your shape and get abayas with a cinched waistline or with a belt. To maintain your modest style, opt for an outfit that is loose around the top and bottom, like our Laibah Stoned Abaya.

Laibah Abaya

The style you choose can make or break your look, depending on how it flatters your body. While there are a variety of unique abaya styles to choose from, make sure to consider your body type before you shop. We hope our guide was helpful, and if you need any help in choosing outfits from our store, feel free to reach out to us.

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