Eid-il-Fitr 2019; Top 10 Looks From Nigerian Celebrities

Eid-il-Fitr is the festival celebrated to mark the completion of the sacred month of Ramadan and the sighting of the new moon to welcome Shawwal. Eid-il-Fitr is celebrated Year in Year out on the 1st of Shawal. 2019 Eid-il-Fitr came up on Tuesday, June 4 making the month of Ramadan 29 days.
It is Sunnah that Muslims should go for Eid Prayers in the best of outfits. Hence, people strive to shop for new clothes and apparels of which our 2019 Ramadan Collection sought to cater for.

People were on the lookout for Eid-il-Fitr looks of their Fav Celebrities and Role Models. However, very few of them were generous with their Eid-il-Fitr looks as most people only shared Eid Mubarak images and pictures on their Social Media handles. Some of those who did share pictures, had pictures of friends and families with them thereby making it a little difficult for fans to get great views of their outfits and overall look.

We were also on the lookout for looks and key takeaways. In no particular order, we’ve been able to come up with Eid-il-Fitr looks of some of our Nigerian Muslim Celebrities. We hope this list is sufficient to whet your appetite.


1.Kabirah Kafidipe; Since becoming a devout Muslimah, the RoundTable Show Host and Actress has become a figure of emulation for Muslim Men and Women. She has definitely been trying to meet up with these expectations.
She turned up for Eid-il-Fitr in a simple Black A-line Abaya, touched up her look with an equally simple golden yellow veil. Her outfit depicted the very essence of being Covered, non-elaborate but chic.

2.Adebayo Salami: The Nollywood Grandpa and ICON stepped out in the much appreciated Yoruba Men outfit Agbada, topped it with a nicely crafted Northern Cap.

3. Afeez Owo Abiodun: This is just one more proof that the complementing Jalamia’s with a Ghutra is a cool look. Here we have the Movie Producer, Actor and Father definitely feeling fly on his Eid-Il-Fitr looks.



Abiodun Adebimpe Akintunde: Hooded Abayas are the latest in-thing. The Wasila Coded Presenter and Actor definitely did the hooded Abaya right by making sure not to accessorize because of the details the outfits already grants

5.Sani Danja: The Northern King, Musician, and Actor sure knows that no color says “Crisp” like white. Made his look more regal with an Agbada and a simple nicely crafted Mens Cap.

6. Yinka Quadri: Another Nollywood Grandpa and Role Model turned up very simple. The saying goes, the older you get, the lesser the Drama. Turning up for Eid-il-Fitr in a plain Brown Kaftan with Trouser and a simple white Kufi Cap sure tells Yinka Quadri doesn’t want any razzmatazz.

7. Hameedah Salaudeen: The Food and Lifestyle Blogger Meedah sure doesn’t disappoint on looks. Her embellished black dress was touched up with a Majenta scarf that did well to match the embellishment


Habeebat Eid-il-Fitr 2019 Meedah Saaludeen


8. Femi Adebayo: Popular Nollywood Oldie and Dresser spent his Eid-il-Fitr performing lesser Hajj. Hence, he didn’t get to the opportunity to look Dapper. But Hey! Isn’t being at the best place in the world and praying a better feeling


Habeebat Eid-il-Fitr 2019 Femi Adebayo

9. Adedimeji Lateef: You were waiting too right? The Airtel Ambassador, Actor, and MC Compere showed up for Eid-il-Fitr in a sweetly designed chocolatey Agbada. His rich agbada look was well complemented with a Black Cap for Eid purpose


Habeebat Eid-il-Fitr 2019 Adedimeji Lateef

10. Fathia Williams: Now she didn’t turn up for Eid-il-Fitr though. But despite not being a Muslim anymore she apparently still likes to live the life. The good-natured Actress and Mother shared an Eid-il-Fitr picture and sent good wishes to her Muslim Fans and loved ones.

We hope you enjoyed catching up on the looks of your fav celebrities. Don’t forget to add some other looks you’ll love people to view as you read through.

Eid Mubarak in Arrears.

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