Ember Sales; Top 15 Best Selling Outfits You Should Add to your Cart

If you’ve ever bought from Habeebat Store , we are using this Medium to tell you how much your patronage means to us!

If you’ve ever referred people to  us…. we really do appreciate your kind gestures.

We have finally gotten to that time of the year we feel we should reward everyone of you, For every purchases you made on our Website you would get a gift.

For every Two Abaya Purchase, you will get the Third Abaya for Free

For Every Two Jalabia Purchase, you will get a Male Kaftan or an Abaya as a free gift

For every Single purchases, you will also get a free Diffuser as a gift

Sounds cool right?

Now let me take you through the Top 15 best selling outfits you should add to your cart while jumping on this offer.

1. Raheenah White Stoned Kaftan:

The Raheenah white stoned Kaftan is a luxury yet classy outfit for every women that loves details on their outfit, it makes you look elegant and comfortable, This outfit can be worn to any occasion.

2. Anabella Nude Kaftan:

The Anabella Nude Kaftan is a simple flowing Kaftan designed with Embroideries and stones, this outfit is suitable for all occasions inclusive of any religious gatherings, it is comfortable and chic. I bet you would love it.

3. Amirah Flowery Silk Abaya:

You already know that the silky Abaya has the trend now and trust me you have no regrets when you add one or even more to your wardrobe. The Amirah Flowery Silky  Abaya is one of our Boss Chic Abaya collections because its stylish, trendy and it gives you that elegant look.

4. Jammal Two-Toned Jalabia: 

For men that loves cool colors and unique designs, you should add the Jammal Two-Toned Jalabia  to your cart.

5. Ismail Blue Jalabia:

You already know that Blue does it for every skin tone, For those men that loves to keep their outfit Simple and yet Unique, then you should add the Ismail Blue Jalabia to your Cart

6. Maheeda Blue Stoned Kimono:

Thinking of owning a luxury After dress that can be worn over any outfit, The Maheeda Blue stoned Kimono Abaya is the way to go !

7. Taooma peach Stoned Abaya:

The Taooma Peach Stoned Abaya is one gorgeous piece every women should own in their wardrobe, This outfit has a unique sleeves and it flows well too. It can be rocked as an Abaya and can also be worn over other outfits as an after dress


8. Nabeelah Bubu Abaya:

The Nabeelah Bubu Abaya is a luxury piece for Boss chic women, if you love well detailed outfit with a simple style, then you should add this to your wardrobe


9. Faleelah Black and White Embroidered Abaya:

This is literarily one of our best sellers, The Faleelah Black Abaya is good to go for any religious gathering or outing.

10. Hamza Skye Blue Jalamia:

The Hamza Skye Blue Jalamia is a simple yet unique Jalabia for every men that loves bright colors. Add to cart here 

11. Afrah Purple Velvet Abaya:

You already know velvet Abaya are now trendy,The Afrah Purple Velvet Abaya is a  stylish and gorgeous Abaya is a must have for every woman that always wants to stand out in any gathering.

13. Basheer White Jalabia: 

The Basheer White Jalabia is one classy and unique outfit that you can trust to give you an elegant look,

 13. Dayaan Brown Jalamia: 

The Dayaan brown jalamia is highly recommended for those men that love to keep their looks calm and yet stylish. if you are not a fan of popping colors and you like wearing highly luxury outfits, then you should add this to your cart

14. Zareeyah Teal Green Hooded Abaya: 

Hooded Abayas will never go out of trend, Now this Abaya is quite different from the hoodies you’ve got from the past, this is exquisite, stylish and beautiful. This outfit is designed with luxury stones which glitters. The Zareeyah Teal Green Abaya is Suitable for any occasion or religious gatherings.


15. Haifa Black Pearled Abaya:

A couple of customers who has purhased this outfit testified on how rocking this gorgeous piece makes them look like someone from a royal home. Well, if you think you want to have the royal feel like them, you should add the Haifa Black Pearled Abaya to your cart.

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