Habeebat 2018 Anniversary Sale #what to buy

Habeebat Anniversary-sale

Birthdays are awesome, they remind us of our achievements, our growth and all that we have overcome to get to where we are. Just like humans, brands mark their birthdays too.

June 2018 makes it a year that Habeebat has been in existence and we don’t want to let it go by without doing a retrospect of who we are and how we began.

What makes our Anniversary worth celebrating is our customers who have parted with their time and money to make Habeebat live up to marking a year of existence.

One of the ways we want to mark this anniversary is by offering our customers a 20% off some select items which includes Abayas, Kurta’s, Instant Hijabs and lots more.

Trust me, it’s a super smart thing to take advantage of discounts while they are on because items go back to its original price after the discount sale.

Habeebt’s anniversary sale will be on till July 31st and that’s more than enough time for lovers of halal items to do the needed shopping.

Join me as I bring you a list of items to buy while the clock is ticking.



Habeebat Aaneesah Abaya

If you’re a big Abaya lover you sure know that N14,400 on an exclusive Abaya is a good deal. The price on the Abaya’s have gone down and there is no better time to add them to your closet than now. Abaya’s are the feminine all time modest outfits. They offer some exquisite elegance that every other regular outfit cannot.

Click here to shop for an Abaya






Habeebat Instant Hijabs are up for sale at a whooping price of N2,800. Instant Hijabs saves you the wrapping time and stress. You do know there are days where you get to discover your pins are all broken or the ones left don’t match your outfit.  That’s the more reason you should get yourself one of our Instant Hijabs to save your day when you need it the most.

Get an Hijab here 






Pop and Chic! Headscarf is one must have accessory for every female. It adds colors to your outfit, appearance and your day in general. You want to know what you should do?

Click the shop button right here to get yourself one of our Chic headscarfs



Habeebat Oud 24hrs Perfume


Ever heard the line FIND YOUR SCENT? Yeah this is the place and time to get yourself rolling in on our variety of Arabian perfumes to give your day a lot of life and energy. Perfumes are also an all-time confidence booster, nothing keeps you energized and motivated like the certainty that everyone feels cool to work with and be around you.

Your Scent is just a click away 



Habeebat Male Kurta

Male Kurtas are not usually easy to come by, especially the ones of Egyptian cotton. If you’ve been paying close attention you definitely know that this is the first time we’re putting our Kurta’s on sale and that’s why you shouldn’t let this slide.

Click here to get your self one.



Gangster or Cold? Whatever purpose you need a desert scarf for you can get from the array of rich colors. If you’re one who doesn’t like to throw on a sweatshirt, blazer or cardigan so its not obvious that you’re cold. Then you should get yourself a Desert Scarf to fake up your chill feeling.


Habeebat Male Desert Desert Scarf

Shop for Desert Scarves here 


Our Anniversary sale is also a clearance sale in anticipation of our latest additions to our category. This is the best time to get those things that you really have been eyeing for a long time just before it gets sold out.

So take a deep breath, find some nice place to lay your back and chill, get your gadgets close and just keep adding these items to your shopping cart and its right at your doorstep in a blink.



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