Habeebat Blessed Friday: what to buy

Habeebat Blessed Friday!


November is blessed and that’s why it’s going to be raining discounts at the Habeebat store all through the Fridays in the month of November. Did I hear you scream hurray? Oh yea!


We know how much you have been waiting for this period. We got your calls and emails, and now, we are happy to inform you that the Habeebat Blessed Friday (Black Friday Sales) will commence on Friday, November 1st 2019.


This “never-seen-before” sales galore will run on all the Fridays in the month of November with mouthwatering discounts on each product category in our stores (online and offline). 

Trust me, it’s a super-smart thing to take advantage of discounts while they are still valid, because discounts on each item are taken off after 7 days, so if you need a reason to take advantage of this year’s Blessed Fridays, there you have it! The Blessed Friday sales will hold on the following dates: November 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 28th


This is more than enough time to fill your wardrobe with those quality modest wears and accessories you’ve always wanted. 

Join me as I show you a list of what to buy while the clock is ticking:


1.Corporate Outfit For women:

If you are a fan of modest corporate wears like Blazzer, Pallazos, Skirts and Shirtdress, then you should get your phone ready to add some beautiful corporate wears to your cart this Friday as we will be starting with these products.

 These corporate outfits will be the best products that you will be adding to your closet because of its uniqueness and trust me the deal you will be getting this Friday will be the best deal you’ve ever come across. 

Click here to see the corporate outfit deals


2. Abayas and Scarves:

You all already know that our Abayas isn’t regular, we would be blowing your mind away with the best deals on our luxury and quality Abaya  in this year’s Blessed Friday sales.

Pop and chic! Headscarf is one must-have accessory for every female, it adds colors to your outfit and appearance.  This year Blessed Friday will give you the opportunity to shop for elegant Abayas and head scarfs to make you look chic.

3. Men Jalamias, Male Kurta, Scarves and Cap: 

Male Kurtas are not usually easy to come by especially the ones of Egyptian cotton. We will give you the opportunity to add this to your closet for a token at this year Blessed Friday sale. Our Exclusive Jalamias, colorful caps and Funky desert scarves would also be on some mouthwatering deal in this year Blessed Friday sales and I feel that’s why you shouldn’t let this slide.

4. Perfumes and Perfume Oil: 

Ever heard the Phrase FIND YOUR SCENT? Yeah, this is the place and time to get yourself hooked on our varieties of Arabian perfumes and undiluted designer perfume oil. We know perfumes are confidence boosters and nothing keeps you energized and motivated like having people stay freely around you because you smell nice.

5. Turbans, Hijabs and Brooches: 

At habeebat store, our hijab saves you the wrapping time and stress. We don’t want you to be left with broken pins or ugly brooches in your possession because we know you would be needing them to style and beautify your hijab or dress, this is the main reason why would be giving you beautiful pins, brooches, turbans and hijabs for less in this year’s Blessed Friday sales.

6. Kids’ Wear and Accessories: 

We will also be giving you the best deals for your kids’ Abayas, Jalamias, boys kurta and kids hijabs as we would love them to also enjoy this blessed season of discounts as well as stand out wherever they go.

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