Habeebat Islamic Fashion At African Fashion Week Nigeria 2018

Habeebat Islamic Fashion At African Fashion Week 2018


I’m so excited about this blog post because its a highlight of our first Habeebat Islamic fashion runway show.

Yes, I said it, Islamic wears were showcased and this is the first of its kind in Nigeria.

It was really amazing!


Sit back, while I give you the full highlight of the event.

Remember last week was the Africa Fashion Week and we had the opportunity to exhibit the Islamic fashion Nigeria and guess what?


It was a long but fun-filled week for the Habeebat Fashion team as we got to demonstrate Islamic fashion Nigeria and elegance on the runway as well as exhibit our brand.


During the course of the program, we met a couple of people and exchanged pleasantries, of course.

Long story cut short, at the end of the event, while we were busy trying to sort out our products (after the runway), quite a number of people walked up to our stand, asking if we were a ‘Hausa or Fulani’ brand and we had to let them know we are simply a modest fashion brand.


Now, here’s what got us baffled, getting statements/questions like these:

Are you guys a Lebanese brand?

Why do Muslims wear Hijabs?

Are Muslims these fashionable?

Others were flabbergasted as to how we came up with such a beautiful and classy concept.


I really did find these questions ridiculous, like what gives people these impressions?

I have heard of all these before (not personally but hearsay) and I always find it hard to believe until now.


What could be the reasons for these opinions?

Have you ever encountered such before?

I’ll really love to hear your opinions and encounter (if any).

Furthermore, Habeebat partook in the exhibition that took place the next day, showcasing some of its modest, lovely products which includes; female and male wears for both adults and children, Prayer mats, Incense burners and powder, Perfumes and Perfume oils, among others. Some of the pictures taken includes;



Looking good is serious business and as a Muslim finding it hard to stay modest and classy.


Thus, one of the many ways to solve these problems is to shop at Habeebat Fashion Store.


We have beautiful, lovely, unique, quality, modest and classy wears for kids and adults (male & female) from Turkey and Dubai and they are quite affordable.


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Enjoy the rest of your day people!



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