Habeebat Ramadan Clearance Sales: What to Buy

Ramadan is here already and some us may be wondering what the most elegant ways to dress during this Holy Month are.

For as many that likes to remain fashionable even while respecting the holy month, I would like to inform you that we’ve got lots of beautiful modest dresses to give out to our customers at an affordable price this season.

So if you have a favorite outfit you’ve been starring at on our website or you are planning to shop for eid before the Rush then, Now, is the best time to add them to your basket here 

Let me give you a glance of some of the products that would be on sales.


The kaftan is one of the must have Ramadan wardrobe essentials for every chic and fashionable muslimah this season.At habeebat we have colorful and well detailed kaftans in various sizes and designs that you can choose from.While considering styling your kaftan, you can wear it over a culottes pants, a pajama style pants or a nice pair of jean. Add to cart here


2. Women Headwear:

As you already know that we stock quality and uniques headwear for are fashionable and beautiful and we know how much you would need this headwear this season. we have specially handpicked unique headwear like scarves, veils, Turbans, hijabs and Inner caps to  serve you during the Holy Month and beyond. Check it out here


3.Men’s Jalamia:

Thinking of fashionable and unique styles of men Jalamia to add to your wardrobe this season? Well worry no more because we’ve specially handpicked unique  styles of jalamia to serve you this season and beyond which includes: Hooded Jalamia, Plain Jalamia and Embroidered Jalamia. Add to cart here


4. Girl Abaya:

Just so you know, your kids are not left out too this season, you can shop for beautiful and well detailed  Abaya for your girls here


5. Boys Jalamia and Kaftan :

Thinking of getting something chic and stylish for your boys this season? Then you should consider the Boys Jalamia and Kaftan  for them. We’ve got them in lovely colors and designs to suit your needs Add to cart here 

 6. Abayas: 

This deal will help you shop all the fashionable and unique Abya styles you’ve been wanting to have for sometimes now. Add to cart here


7. Gowns:

You can get unique and stylish gowns for you and your loved ones this season. Take advantage of our clearance sales to shop quality gowns at an affordable price. Add to cart here

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