How About a Modest Luxury Skirts for the Office?

a-modest-luxury-skirt-for -the-office

For over 6 months, you all have been indoor having no reason to bother about office skirts. In fact, some of your previously owned skirts are now tight-fitted;

Yeah, that is just as expected since there was less stress (No hustling, No buzzling, No jumping buses) over the last few months and you don’t have any reason to dress so cooperate except for once in a while online Meetings.

Hence, We know you need to update your closets. As usual, we have compiled the list our most recent modest office skirts just for you.

Seat back and Enjoy the endless list below.


  1. Sajiya Turkey Skirt: Apparently Long Skirts are modest skirts, with Sajiya Turkey skirt, you can be smart and as well modest in your office outfit. Sajiya Skirt is a shiny black 6- pieces Skirt embellished with a sizzling lace threading at the front.


2. Filza Turkey Skirt:This is a skirt with a twist on the knee. While being modest in Filza skirt, you get to smart and comfy; that is great qualities in just 1 skirt.Won’t you rather shop this now?

  1. Dark Chocolate Turkey Skirt: The Quality of material and the skin friendliness of the material texture keep turkey skirts above others in the premium Skirt industry. Our Dark Chocolate Turkey skirt is one of the few premiums embellished with non-removable stones on the knee. Add this beauty to cart here.

4.  Daana Black Skirt: These Particular skirts is for the lovers of Pleats; not just Pleats; but layered pleats. Daana skirt is a black, straight Skirt embellished with pleats in layers. Accompanied with a tiny black belt, Daana skirt can be best paired with a  bubu shirt. Get a piece here

new-arrivals-modest-office -skirts

5.  Aadab High waist Skirt: I never wanted to add this collection but the colour keeps pooping in my eye. Red can never go unnoticed. On days when you want to go flashy, Aadab high waist skirt is your best bet. It is embellished with a flowery net on the knee and accompanied with a belt. Add this gorgeous to cart.


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