How to tie a Desert Scarf + Video

How to Tie a Desert Scarf

The Desert Scarf; often called the Shemagh or Ghutra in certain places is the everyday attire of an Arabian native. It is usually being styled differently depending on taste, style, and occasion.

The easiest way to wear the desert scarf is by throwing over the neck or over the head

People often try to get into the “swagnificent” feeling of wrapping the desert scarf around the head as the Desert bedouins do. However, you find their scarfs looking all rough and not neatly tucked in

Here is your chance to step out looking all smooth and “swagnificent” in your neatly tucked and dressed scarf in 8 easy steps


  1. Fold your scarf in two equal triangles
  2. Fold a small part of the scarf at the straight part
  3. Place scarf over your head
  4. Roll the left tip of the scarf and wrap around your head from the back
  5. Tuck in the tip of the scarf when you’re done
  6. Roll the right tip of the scarf also and wrap from the back
  7. Make sure the scarf is intact and in place while you do all this
  8. Voila! Your scarf is ready

So you see, wrapping a neatly tucked desert scarf is not all that a hassle

Here is a quick video you can watch to enable you to understand it better

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