Latest Abaya Style and Designs in Nigeria in 2021

Despite its Arabic and Islamic origins, abaya designs are now a staple of every woman’s closet, no matter her religion or beliefs. As a result, the abaya style has evolved from plain dresses to modern, stylish, and classy styles.

In this article, I’ve outlined a few of the latest abaya styles in Nigeria in 2021.

Abaya with Bead Detailing

Bead details on an abaya give the outfit a new definition. So instead of a plain, boring outfit, you have subtle embellishments that make it stand out. Abayas in this design come in many colors and make great investments.

Blue Abaya style with bead details
Beaded Abaya Style
Light blue abaya style with beads
Blue Abaya with subtle bead embellishments

Robe Style/Kimono Abaya

The robe-inspired abaya is a popular trend these days. If you want to show a hint of your cute outfit underneath, the kimono abaya offers the ultimate comfort and can help you maintain a stylish and modest vibe.

Black kimono abaya with stone embellishments

Summer Abayas

There are several abaya designs and styles that can help you stay cool in the summer. When choosing abayas for your summer wardrobe, the fabric should be your primary concern. Thankfully, the abayas of 2021 come in breathable fabrics like cotton or thick chiffon. You’ll find a wide variety of prints, from enchanting floral designs to tiny polka dots or even an Adire-inspired motif.

Adire-Inspired Abaya

Egyptian-Themed Abaya Style

The Egyptian-themed abaya has the perfect style and design to help you take your abaya game up a notch. There’s something about flattering designs and quality fabrics that would make anyone stop and stare. This abaya style speaks of modesty with pure elegance and sophistication.

Wine Egyptian Themed Abaya style
Egyptian Themed Abaya

Abaya with Jeans

Layering is simple but can be very tricky. However, when mixed with the right pair of clothes, you can kill it in an abaya. If you thought an abaya paired with jeans couldn’t make a fashion statement, think again. This combination can bring out the fashionista in you and is very comfortable. This abaya style has been around for years, and it’s no surprise that it is still one of the top trends in 2021.

Black Abaya style

So there you have it, our take on what’s new in Nigeria’s abaya style. We offer a wide selection of these abaya designs in our store. Shop the looks in this article from our store if you dare to stay on-trend.

Are you willing to experiment with any of these trends? Which style will you try? Share with us in the comments section.

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