Lavida Combo Deals;9 Gift Ideas for your loved ones this season.

The suspense is over, its time to get lovely gift ideas for your loved ones this season.

Trust me the wait was worth it because what we have packaged for you is the best gift you can ever give to someone this season.

And Guess What? This gift are affordable .

Relax,Grab a Drink While i take you through the La’vida Gift Packages


1.Delight Gift Combo:

This gift combo consists of Scarfs, Hijabs, Inner caps and pins. This is a perfect gift for your loved ones especially if she likes to wrap her head. The scarf can be styled with these pins and the inner cap can be worn under the hijab or under  the scarf. This head accessories can also be worn to any occasions as it comes in various colors, designs and styles To Surprise a loved one, Click here


2. Dina gift combo:

The dina gift combo contains  the diffuser and the perfume oil. You already know that the diffuser and the oil is a perfect combo to give the abode of your loved ones a refreshing and energizing fragrance. The diffusers comes in different designs and shapes and the oil also comes in different fragrance and sizes. Click here to get one.

3. Parsa Gift Combo:

Parsa gift combo consists of the Prayer rugs and scented candles, essentially used for performing prayers while  the  scented candles  gives the house a pleasant fragrance when used. Who doesn’t want a refreshing smell while praying. You want to get this for your loved ones, click here

4.Relish Gift combo:

This is a perfect combo for people who prefer to wear caps than scarfs, the brooch complimenting the head wear is to style the Turban to give you a chic look. Our relish combo is available in colors to suit any of your formal outfit. Get your loved ones the Relish gift combo. shop one here

5.Pleasant gift combo:

Fill your space with exciting fragrances without stress; with our electric Incense burner and easy to burn bakhoor you can help your loved ones keep their homes and spaces refreshing and pleasant. Add to cart here


6. Parveen gift combo:

Get our Highly luxurious Arabian perfume; accentuate your style with new scents from top brands like: Khalis Resolute Brown, Oud 24hrs, If by Khalis, Astute white, Asral banat and the likes of them. Add to cart here


7. Omera gift combo:

Oils are said to last longer than perfumes. Our Omera gift package is meant to announce your presence wherever you go. Looking for a fragrance to last you all day? Get one here

8. Amour gift:

Show some love to your adorables by getting the one of our Amour gift bundles. This gift will definitely inspire them to observe their salat regularly. Shop here

9. Kanz gift combo:

Show some love to your adorables by getting the one of our Amour package. This gift will definitely inspire them to observe their salat regularly. Get one here

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