Mental health Nigeria


Mental health Nigeria

Tortured and battered

Anxious and depressed

Suffering and agony

I know the pain is severe.


metal health nigeria

You’re injured and traumatised

Distressed and discomfort

You’ve become a shadow of myself

Letting yourself succumb to pressure

Trying to maintain ‘the’ life

To be seen as society’s best

Trying to maintain ‘the’ trend

Showing them all they want to see

Continue to be seen as a goddess

You know, all these is nothing but vanity

Mental health Nigeria

Reeling from this torment

So much anguish and languish

Miserable and disheartened

Devastated and neglected

How would you ever be restored

How would the society see me?

You keep asking yourself

You can’t afford to be seen as a weakling

Watching as you are being shredded

Bits by bits

Limb by limb

Piece by piece

Mental health Nigeria

You keep telling yourself that one day it will all stop

That you will change

But you never seem to gather the strength.

You won’t bow down to societal pressure

Telling you to be real

As speaking up is like death on earth

Though you know you are more or less a walking dead

Though walking into your grave

Mental health Nigeria

Tell that spirit, lurking in your mind to get away from you!

Disengage yourself from those negative thoughts!

Speak up and rise against this inhumane treatment

Be strong for yourself because you have to stay alive for YOU!

Mental health Nigeria

You ask myself,

Is it truly worth it?

Can you truly do it?

Do you have the strength to fight?

It will be tough, overwhelming and exhausting’, so you’ve always heard

But you have to keep fighting’, so you were told.

Mental health Nigeria

Everyone out there is going through something. They may look happy but trust me, they have their gloomy days, because no one is perfect. There will be a time you’ll hit rock bottom, the pain will leave you shattered, the demons would be there, waiting to deal with you, physically, psychologically and emotionally but you have to stand up and face it! Breathe in the fresh air, gather the strength in you and fight! You may not know, but the strength is in there… inhibited somewhere in you!



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