Modest Fashion Essentials: Embellishments

Do you realize that adding Embellished Outfits to your Modest Wardrobe is one of perfect way of injecting an extra touch of sparkle to your personal style?

Whether you are looking to add a subtle sprinkle of refinement and elegance to your daily wardrobe, or your are looking for some glistening glamour to perfect your occasion wear, Embellished abayas,Silky Abayas, Velvet Abayas and Kimonos are versatile and effortlessly on-trend fashion options. Come with me let’s take a closer look


1. Haleema Silky Luxury Stoned Abaya:

To witness the unrestricted potential of Silky Abayas, look no further than the Tarella Silky Stoned Abaya with Belt, Lightweight and loose, this effortless piece makes the perfect daytime outfit whatever the weather and wherever the occasion.

For those special occasions where you want your outfit to be talk of the day, The Tarella Silky Stoned Abaya provides the perfect option for those searching for an elegant occasion wear, Apart from the fact that it is crafted from a high quality silky fabric, this outfit is also styled with the most original stones with a matching Tummy belt to fit.


2 .Leemah Embroidered Peach Abaya :

Another adaptable outfit suitable for any occasion is the Leemah Embroidered Peach Abaya, it has a fashionable opening at the down area with stones to complement it, This luxury piece also has an Umbrella style  feature that makes it unique and effortlessly flawless to be styled with a matching hijab.


3.Leila Black Stoned Abaya  :

If you are looking for a statement piece for any casual outing or occasion, look no further than the Leila Black Stoned Abaya . The Leila Black stoned Abaya brings a pop of color to this popular and elegant style. With a refined embellish details, this abaya ensures you look good and make you feel better.


4. Faiza Pink Stoned Kaftan:

This is another killer outfits that would serve you for any occasion, The Faiza Pink stoned Kaftan  is a two- piece outfit  embellished kaftan with a matching  stoned and pearled kimono to complement it.

This luxury outfit is designed with stones and pearls which makes it a stand out outfit in your wardrobe.

5. Anabella Nude Embroidered Abaya:

This outfit is a stunner and trust me, you will be the talk of the day if your rock this outfit. The Anabella Nude Embroidered Abaya is a long flowing kaftan  with colorful embroideries and stones  to make the  outfit stand out. it has an inner belt that can be adjusted for fittings.


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