4 Ample Significance of Qiyamun-Layl(The Night Prayer).

4 ample significance of qiyamun-layl-ramadan-habeebat

An act of worship in which all Muslims build a momentum towards; A path of the prophets and messengers; An act of worship that is an undoubtedly one of the cornerstones in repairing our relationship between ourselves and our “Rabb”; A paradise on earth; A gift from Allah to humanity; A key ingredient in restoring Eeman, repairing broken hearts and reviving spirituality.By now you should be wondering what great act of worship depicts all this eulogy. It is no other than ”QIYAMUN-LAYL



Qiyamun-layl is mostly revived on the first day of Ramadan; as a matter of fact, majority of Muslims perform this act in the form of  Salatu-Taraweeh. The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him said; Hold on to the night Prayer because it is the way of the righteous people before you; and it is a means of drawing closer to your Lord; and it is a means of erasing sins; it is a means of protecting yourselves from sins”. (Al-tirmidhi).



Here are 4 important Benefits of the Night Prayer as Confirmed by RasuluLllah (S.A.W)

1. It is a way of the Righteous People:The directive to pray at night was given to the RasuluLlah(S.A.W) by Allah in Suratul- Muzamil (one of the early Surah that was revealed to the prophet) where Allah says “Pray the majority of the night”.

This indicates that the night prayer is one of the first instruction that Allah commanded the prophet to do. All these evidences clearly states that Qiyamun-layl is for the righteous. So if you want to emulate the righteous ones, engage in Qiyamun-layl.

4 ample significance of qiyamun-layl-Habeebat

2. It is a Way of drawing Closer to Allah:The shortest way to find the pleasure of Allah is calling the Almighty in the night.  “From the Authority of Abi Darda the prophet (s.a.w) said “tell me if you have ever heard of this in your life; there are 3 categories of people whom Allah Subhannahu Wa  Ta’Allah  smiles at; one of them is a person that has a beautiful spouse and a very comfortable bed but still stand at night in worship to Allah”. 4-ample-significance-of qiyamunlayl-Habeebat

The significance of Allah smiling at a person means that such person will not account for anything on the day of Reckoning. I beseech Almighty Allah to count us amongst these categories of people.



3. It is a means of Erasing Sins of the Past:Human being are imperfect and hence we all commit sins; it is expected of us to continuously repent to Allah with the intention of not returning to that sinful Act. One of the effective ways to erase our past sins is by Praying in the middle of the night.Tell me, who doesn’t want his/her past sins forgiven? May Allah forgive us all….Aaameen.

4-ample-significance-of qiyamunlayl-Habeebat

4. A means of Protection against future sins:If there is a sinful Act that you have repented from but you scared that you might return to them sometimes in the future because of their attractiveness or appailment ; Then take shield in Qiyamun-Layl.

These night prayer takes care of the sins of the past and that of the future, and that is why Angel Jubril (A.S) describes it as sharaful-mumeen (The honor of the believer).



Are you depressed? Are you anxious? Are you scared of the future? Are you scared of the unknown?

The night prayer is part of our cure “AlhamduLiLlah”. But before rolling out your Prayer mat tonight for Qiyamun-layl; note that continuous strive, consistency are keenly needed to be steadfast in Observing the night Prayers.May Allah make this beneficial act part of our Lifestyle.




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