Style Guide: Essentials you Need to Look Like a Rich Aunty

Are you thinking of subscribing to the rich aunty lifestyle? Choosing the right aesthetics to look the part isn’t difficult. There is a style guide you must follow and essentials you must have.

Not to worry, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some things to include in your rich aunty starter pack:

Style Guide 1: Luxury Abayas

The rich aunties are known for their loose-fitting and expensive designer clothes. So how exactly do you intend to be a rich aunty if your clothes do not scream luxury? Even if you don’t have a maxi dress from the most popular designers, you can still look stunning in a beaded abaya like the ones below.

Style guide: Zaheena Green Stoned Luxury Kaftan
Zaheena Stoned Abaya
Style guide: Rabiat Red Luxury Abaya
Rabiat Abaya

Style Guide 2: Braided Turbans and Head Wraps

Rich aunties are often seen with braided turbans and head wraps, symbolizing their regal status. You see, rich aunties dress up like queens, and what’s a queen without her crown? So, don’t hold back; you’re almost there. Crowning yourself with these headbands and turbans is a significant step to becoming a member of the community.

Style guide: Abike fuschia pink turban
Abike Easy Wear Turban
Style guide: Agbeke purple turban
Agbeke Easy Wear Turban

Style Guide 3: Luxury Perfumes

A luxury perfume is essential for completing your transformation into a rich aunty. You must choke everyone everywhere you go. If we cannot smell your perfume from miles away, you’re doing it wrong. Allow us to enjoy your pleasant scent.

Classy Chic Girl luxury perfume
Classy Chic Girl Luxury Perfume
Style guide: Scarlet luxury perfume
Scarlet Perfume

Take a picture of yourself in the UAE

We’re adding this bit as a bonus because rich aunties are known for taking pictures in significant locations abroad, especially in Dubai. Even though summer is almost over, you can still travel. If you plan to visit Dubai or any other Emirates state soon, you’ll need a ghutra for your peng pictures in the desert.

Red ghutra desert scarf
Red Ghutra

There you have it! The complete style guide for your transition into a rich aunty. Know anyone who would appreciate this article? Share with them via any of the channels below.

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