Spectacular Features of Our Best Selling Prayer Rug in 2020

Features of Our Best Selling Prayer Rug in 2020/habeebat

We are all aware that prayer is very important in our lives. For all our daily prayers (Salat), there are tools that are quite important. One of which is the Sajadah, otherwise called prayer rug.

Features of our Lonira Prayer rug/habeebat

While Some people are of the idea that the Prayer rug is short of importance while observing their Salat; this is far from being true; when you use a prayer rug, you get to spend more time with your RABB because of the comfort you get especially when you use a sophisticated one like Lonira.


Today, we will be talking about our Lorina prayer rug, why it is one of our favorite and the features it has that will make you fall in love with it.

  1. Unique Textures: Our Lonira Prayer rug is made with one of the finest texture that you can feel and touch. While some of our other prayer rugs has great textures, Lonira has the finest.
  2. Plush Comfort: Richly luxurious; that the perfect code for our Lonira prayer rug. It is a thickened velvety rug ; yet plush thickness. It gives such comfort that keeps you sitting to perform all necessary Duas even after Salat.
  3. High Quality: You already know that we sell nothing but quality products. We can brag about our products being halal, at the same time being of high quality.
  4. Great Color Choices: This Beautiful rug comes in 6 beautiful colours. These colours are beautiful yet unique. It comes in blue, green, red, brown and purple. You can pick your favorite colour here
  5. Elegant designs: The prophet (S.A.W) told us to cut out all distraction before starting our Salat. Sadly, some of these distractions can be caused by the mat on which we pray. Our lonira Prayer mat has an elegant yet the simplest of design that will cause no distraction whatsoever. Hence you will be focused on observing salat appropriately.
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