7 Ways Nigerian Women Can Style a Maxi Skirt

 Mixing different styles and breaking the fashion rules is one of those exciting things we do for fun, and the maxi skirts which is a fit for all season falls into this category because of how effortlessly stylish and incredibly comfortable it can be. Despite the fact that maxi skirts are one of that comfortable outfit that can be found in the closet of every Nigerian woman, they still have a lot of questions that pops up to their mind like “how long should my maxi skirt be”  “can i wear my maxi skirt with something else apart from a tanktop” Worry no more as here are some tips for Nigerian women on how to style a maxi skirt.
  1. Kick your outfit up a notch by styling floral maxi skirts with a denim shirt.
        2. When considering maxi skirts in prints, the best top that would match such skirt is a plain colored top, which could be white, or any of the bright colors that can be found among the prints.          
  1. Maxi skirts with an off-shoulder top is a banger when considering looking chic for an outing.
      4. Maxi skirts look amazingly beautiful when rocked with a sleeveless top, you can tuck in the top and clinch the waist with a tiny belt in order to give the outfit some shape.     5.  Maxi skirts are a good combo with a colorful fitted body top.       6. Dress up your flowy maxi skirt with a bright colored chiffon buttoned-down shirt and a matching heel.     7. Make your outfit simple and chic by pairing your floral maxi skirts with a white lacy top all tucked in. A red or black  colored waist belt is not a bad idea to make this outfit look complete.  
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