Summer Abaya Collection 2018: 10 Abaya Styles You Can Rock

Yass its summer 2018!

As we know this is one of those period of the year that so many people look forward to.

Before you head off on your warm weather adventures, make sure your wardrobe is up to speed with the best summer abaya collection.

This article would help you select the most comfortable and appropriate Abayas for your summer and most especially, the classy Muslim ladies out there, who know how to make the best out of Islamic Fashion.

The 10 Summer Abaya ideas in this Gallery will save you the stress of contemplating on what to wear this season.

All of the styling inspiration you could ever need are embedded in this post.

1. Asfiyah Black Abaya:

This Abaya piece is one of the most comfortable Abaya every woman preparing for summer must consider. However, it comes in a Polyester fabric and it is adorned with embroidery at the neck and waist area of the comes with a matching scarf and it can be worn alongside with a palm slippers.




2. Adeeva Black Abaya with Floral Designs:

This is one Abaya that is so full of details, and also it can serve multiple purpose.The Adeeva black Abaya piece is beaded in the chest area and has a lace trimmings and floral designs on the also comes with a matching scarf that can be stylishly styled to give you that chic look. It can worn with heels, flats or sandals.



3. Batrisiyia Grey Abaya:

This is one chic and colorful Abaya piece in our collections. This Abaya piece can be rocked in two ways: It can be worn as a closed Abaya as it has a button down features and  also, as an open Abaya that can be styled with an inner which could be an armless top and a high waist Jean or with a body fitted gown. it comes in a polyester fabric with plain and patterned designs with a waistline belt and a matching Scarf.

4. Kaneez Black Abaya:

This is one simple Abaya piece that is meant for those classy Muslim ladies that doesn’t really like details in their dress.  The Kaneez black Abaya comes in a black color with a touch of lilac. It also comes with a waist belt that can be adjusted to give you your best fitting.


5. Wajeedah Cream/Lilac Abaya:

Abayas need not to be black and boring all the time. The Wajeedah Abaya piece is one of those stylish and chic Abaya in our collections. It has an Abaya Kimono features with a waist  belt that can be styled to your preference.


6. Ambreen Abaya with Belt designs:

It’s  possible that you would like to bring back a princess look into your outfit. Retain your hotness with the Ambreen Abaya piece, which has a cinderella feature that you won’t get over so easily.


7. Amelia Sequin Embellished Abaya:

A soft sleek polyester fabric was used to create this amazing piece. While the sleeves area constitutes a sensual golden artwork that makes the piece so beautiful.

8. Chadni Black Abaya with Multi Colored Stones:

The Overflowing lengths of this type will surely remind you of a cape, which is designed with multi colored stones to make it look it colorful, and it has its perks as wearing something that makes you feel empowered.


9. Farzeen Black Abaya:

The Farzeen Abaya has a lacy features and can serve multiple purpose for every classy Muslim women Out there.

10.  Zan’yah Black Abaya with Blue Designs:

This Abaya has been named according to the features it possessed. The Zan’yah Black Abaya is a simple black Abaya that comes with a blue tapings all over its sides and its butterfly features makes it more comfy and attractive. For those Muslim women that does not like a loud outfit, the Zan’yah Black Abaya is a must have for you.


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