Surviving Through Ramadan In The Face Of A Pandemic

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In past years, we have witnessed Ramadan in the same thread and shades. This year (Ramadan 1441A.H), we are about to witness and experience an entirely different month.

Since the inception of this Pandemic in Nigeria, many Muslims have been hopeful and prayerful that this whole nightmare ends before the holy month begins  because we are aware of how it can affect various activities during the blessed month.

Ramadan is 3-4 days away Bi-idniLlah and there are still high degrees of lockdown in various countries including Nigeria. On one hand, Ramadan requires us to do series of activities that needs us to go out like visiting families and friends, attending events, praying Taraweeh in the masjid and lots more.

On  the other hand, is the corona virus Pandemic which had forced citizens including Muslims to stay back in our various homes.



Stay with me as I take you through effective tools you need to remain productive this Ramadan despite all the changes we are faced with.


  1. IMMERSION: This requires us to put ourselves into a spirituality enriching environment to the extent that it changes our way of thinking.Prior to Ramadan, we involved ourselves in series of activities, most of which are worldly. Now, to make the most of this month, we need to return to an ideal state of spirituality before Ramadan commence. (a) Observe salat regularly and on time (b) Make the Qurán your best friend (c)make the tahajjud a hobby.Luckily, this quick transformation hacks can be easily achieved while staying at home.

Immersion as as tool for a productive ramadan-epidemic-ramadan-habeebat

  1. RAMADAN PLANNER: Buy a Ramadan planner or make one using the DIY(Do-It-Yourself) videos; in-sha-Allah, I will share a (DIY video) in the upcoming blogs.This tool will help you plan, prioritize and be persistence with your activities during Ramadan. It contains a list of activities and tracking, hints are  (a) the number of times you want to complete the Qurán (b) the amount of charity you want to give; and lots more.

ramadan planner as a tool for a productive ramadan-epidemic-ramadan-habebat

  1. SOCIAL MEDIA: It is unarguable that one of the top trending activities in this lockdown is the usage of social media. It is now left to us as to how well we utilize this platform.Social media can be fully utilized during this Ramadan by using our social media handles to follow account that are beneficial to us. It is a medium where we can feed our souls with online  lectures in replacement for attending Daily Ramadan lectures; where we can attend  events and conferences in replacement for attending Ramadan events; where we can do video calls with families and friends in replacement for visitation.

social media as a tool for a productive ramadan-epidemic-ramadan-habeebat


  1. GADGETS: In here contains our phones and laptops. And of course we can’t access social media platforms without having our gadgets.There are lots of Applications that we can download on our phones that would help us to attain closeness to Allah in Ramadan and beyond.Some of these apps include; iquran, quranpro, naktim,Al-qunut, al-mathuraat.

gadgets as a tool for a productive ramadan-epidemic-ramadan-habeebat

  1. PERSONAL AFFIRMATION: without personal affirmation, all tools listed above will be void. We need to speak, convince and reassure our inner self to stay steadfast in the Deen irrespective of the current pandemic.

personal affirmation as a tool for productive ramadan-ramadan-habeebat


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