The Man Who Prayed More than the Rest of the World|A story

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Once upon a time, there lived a pious man. Who lived all by himself and spent most of his waking hours meditating, praying, fasting and praising Allah.

He was very devoted; no wicked thoughts came to his mind and no evil temptations entered his heart.

He was very happy with his spiritual progress until one night.

He had a rather disturbing dream, he saw that a shopkeeper in the town was far superior to him in spirituality and that he must go to him to learn the basics of true spiritual life.


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At Dawn, the pious man went out in search for this Shopkeeper. He found him busy with his customers, selling goods and collecting money with a cheerful face. The Pious man sat at one corner of the man’s shop and watched carefully. He saw no signs of a Spiritual life and said to himself “this dream cannot be true, how can someone who gets involved in Business be more spiritual than I”.


But then he saw the Shopkeeper leave off to pray Solaah and when he returned, he carried on with his business activities.

The Shopkeeper later noticed the Pious man who has all the while been sitting at one corner watching the Shopkeeper carefully. “ As-Salamu-Alaikum, would you like something brother?”.

Walaikum Salaam. Oh No! I don’t want to buy anything “ said the Pious Man, but I’ve got a question to ask you, he went on to relate his dream.

“Well, that’s very easy to explain” said the Shopkeeper , but you will have to do something to get an explanation to your dream, he said

“ I will do anything for you” replied the Pious Man.


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“Alright! Take this saucer; there is some mercury in it. Go to the other end of the street and come back fast in half an hour. If the mercury falls out of the saucer , I won’t tell you anything anymore. There you go now”

The Pious Man took the Saucer and started running. The Mercury nearly wobbled out of the Saucer. He saved it just in time and slowed his pace. At long last, he returned puffing and panting. “Here is your Mercury, safe and sound” he said to the Shopkeeper. “ Now tell me the true interpretation of my Dream”

The Shopkeeper looked at the Pious Man’s weary condition and asked him. “ Well, friend , how many times did you remember Allah while you were going from this end of the street to the other?

“Remember Allah”! the Pious Man exclaimed . “ I did not remember Allah at all. I was so worried about the Mercury in the saucer and the chances of not getting my dream interpreted



“But I do remember Him all the time”, said the Shopkeeper. “ When I am doing my business, I am also carrying mercury in a saucer . I am fair, honest and kind to my customers. I never forget Allah Ta’ala in my dealings  with other men”

You will agree that until meeting the Shopkeeper, the Pious man was so confident in his acts of worship thinking he was superior because he didn’t meddle in worldly matters, but Alas! Fending for one’s self shouldn’t hold you back from setting out a few minutes to offer Solaah.


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Its important that we leave off all that we do when its time for prayer so that we can earn Allah’s blessings on all that we labor to achieve.

As we get busy and overwhelmed with our daily lives lets always bear in mind that Prayer  relieves, its soothes and most of all its the first thing we’ll be questioned about on the day of Resurrection.


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“Men whom neither trade nor sale diverts from the remembrance of Allah (with heart and tongue) nor from performing As-Solaah (Iqaamat-as-salaah) nor from giving the Zakaah. They fear a day when hearts and eyes will be overturned. That Allah may reward them according to the best of their deeds, and add even more for them out of His Grace. And Allah provides without measure to whom he wills” (Surah An-Noor 37:38)


Culled from Islamic Stories for Muslims


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