Tips to Boost Your Ramadan Spirit

tips to boost your Ramadan spirit

The holy month of Ramadan is a remarkable season. We all prepare for it because we anticipate enhancing our spirituality, increasing community activities, and an overall feeling of happiness. But sometimes, the momentum, drive, and motivation that keep us high in the Ramadan spirit can fade out.

Psychologists say a person needs about 21 days to develop a good habit. So, if you have been praying regularly, fasting, controlling your temper, trying to be more patient, or keeping any other good routine during this first week of Ramadan, you can be sure to keep up with it afterward.

Here are some tips to help you boost your Ramadan spirit and maintain the good habits you plan to pick up or maintain.

Lift your Ramadan Spirit with a Shift in Mindset

Ramadan is the yearly motivation you need to take on good habits. To manifest these habits, you need a change of mindset. Plan a schedule and strive to stick to it. Add to your plan the lifestyle you would like to adopt and retain during this holy month and prepare to give up things that are toxic and forbidden by Allah.

Make your Charity Plan

Caring for the people around you is another way to boost your Ramadan spirit. Not everyone may have access to good food due to financial constraints. Do you have a charity plan? If you don’t, endeavor to create one. Start from your neighborhood and make sure that people enter Ramadan with everything they need to enjoy the bounties of Suhoor and Aftaar like the privileged ones. You can also give modest clothing as gifts for an Iftar gathering.

Check out some options below:

Learn to Balance Work and Deen

Balance is essential and appreciated by Allah. Notice the hours you feel the most energetic and try to be productive in those hours to maximize efficiency. Consider creating a timetable that will cover your ibadah and work together.

Improve your Ramadan Spirit with Regular Prayer

Prayer is undoubtedly another way to boost your Ramadan Spirit. Although, sometimes, given all the anxieties of life, we might struggle with completing all five prayers. However, the holy month is not a time to miss out on prayers. Make a conscious decision to be regular with your prayers. You could set up a reminder on your phone to help you in this regard. Add one prayer to your list until it’s complete, then try to maintain it.

Read the Quran with Meaning

Reading the Quran has a lot of benefits, but during Ramadan, these benefits increase by ten folds. As you read, reflect on the meaning of the verses. Making notes and journaling about what you read from the Quran can help bolster your Ramadan spirit.

Make a Menu or Meal Plan

Ramadan involves a lot of cooking, and it can be overwhelming. It may be tedious, especially if you do not enjoy cooking, but maintaining a balanced diet will keep you healthy. Don’t just go with the flow this season. Make some meals or snacks ahead of time, and freeze them so most of your time is not spent in the kitchen.

Boost your Ramadan Spirit with lots of Du’a

We cannot ignore du’a during Ramadan, as it is an essential part of our worship. Don’t rush into your du’a without praising Allah and then praying to our beloved Prophet. Make du’a for others, and do not be reluctant or shy to ask Allah for anything, including his help to enable you to utilize Ramadan in the best manner conceivable so you become closer to Him.

We hope that you found our tips helpful. May Allah answer all of our prayers and accept our good deeds during this holy month. Ramadan Mubarak!

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