Top 10 Gift Ideas for That Special Dad This Father’s Day

No doubts, Father’s are great! and yes they also deserves an amazing gift for all they’ve been through.

We understand that selecting a fathers’ day gift for your dad might be a little bit tasking as you may be contemplating on the most suitable gift to put a smile on his face, Well, you need not to worry anymore because as long as you are reading this, you will definitely get a perfect gift for him here.

Whether you are near or far, you can make this year’s father’s day a memorable one for your father by gifting him something super special.


Let’s take a look together at the most amazing gifts your dad would like to have

1. Faraan White Kurta:

For a Fashionable Dad, who loves to wear traditional outfits and love to look his best all the time whether he has a function to attend or not, then this Mens Kurta would be a perfect gift for him.

2. Mushtaq White Jalamia:

If your father is one of those who loves to dress simple and beautiful, a you should consider getting him the Mushtaq White Jalamia, Apart from its simple style it is also made with a fabric that doesn’t generate heat.

3. Emree Brown Jalamia:

This Jalamia would be the best pick for your dad if he loves to play with colors and also has a flare for simple outfits. This Emree Brown Jalamia will definitely serve him for any casual purpose.

4. Jummal Adult Jalamia:

The Jummal Adult Jalamia is a stylish prayer outfit that any Dad would appreciate from their loved ones. it comes in purple color and it is designed with a matching embroidery.

5. Hisbah Perfume:

If your father is someone who loves to wear perfumes with a strong Oud Smell, then trust me this Hisbah Oud Perfume is the best choice of gift for him. Apart from its Strong Smell which tends to announce one’s arrival, it can also last up to 48hrs on the body.

6. Lonira Medium Sized Prayer Mat:

Our Dad’s are also Prayer Warriors, they deserve a beautiful and fluffy prayer mat to observe their daily prayers. Put a smile on your Dad’s Face this Father’s day by getting him the unique  Lonira prayer mat. 

You can also check here for more samples of prayer mats


7. Fahaz Men Grey Cap:

The Fahaz Men Grey Cap is one special gift you can get for your Dad, this Father’s Day, just make sure you are getting it with one of the jalamia, so that he can rock it as a complete outfit


8. Hugo Boss Perfume oil:

The Hugo Boss Perfume is one designer perfume most men love to add to their perfume collections. Getting your dad this special gift for Father’s day wont be a bad  idea.

9. Hajj Thick Knitted Cap :

If your Dad is a lover Skull Prayer Caps that can be worn with any casual outfits, then you should get him the Hajj Thick Knitted Cap with one of our jalamias.


10. Red Ghutra Men’s Scarf:

You can help your Dad look like an Arabian prince by getting him the Red or White Ghutra Scarf with an Igal to Complement their Outfit. Trust me, Dad would look great in this outfit

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