5 reasons why you need a Prayer Mat

“All the earth is a place of prostration”. When the Prayer is called, a Muslim is expected to leave all that he is doing to pray unto Allah. This is perhaps the reason Muslims are permitted to pray wherever they find themselves so long they can find the Qiblah direction. People often hold this notion as a reason to pray on the bare floor rather than use a prayer mat. There are questions around you need a prayer mat when you can just keep the surroundings you want to pray clean and sparkling


Praying with a mat is not compulsory. However, prayer mat has been considered a permissible innovation by scholars.  If you are one of those who never considered Prayer mat important, here is a list of 5 reasons why you need a Prayer Mat now


  1. It provides a fluffy and smooth surface to pray: There exist various types of Prayer mats, they range from the fluffy, soft, smooth types. You should consider owning one of our Prayer Mats from Turkey


2. Spares you from cleaning clothes: It often happens that you have to dust and clean your clothes after Prayer whenever you pray on the bare floor. Regardless of how clean the floors maybe, you find yourself wanting to keep the floors sparkling because you know you walk over it



3. You get to spend time doing sujood: “The best position a servant can ever be is in sujood”. When you need something from Allah, you have no choice but to spend a long time in a state of prostration

4. It saves you from having certain health conditions: There is a skin condition called blemish, you are susceptible to one if you come in contact with bare floor constantly. However, having blemish also has to do with how sensitive your skin is. Cold floors might also make you get flu or cold quite easily. Yes, I know it is narrations that the mark on a Muslims forehead will illuminate on the day of resurrection but do you want to have a blemish?

5. It is a reminder: when you have a prayer mat close by, you get to remember if you missed prayer and why you have to get to praying before the time lapses. You might say that being close to Allah will never make you forget you need to pray in time. However, a little reminder here and there does not hurt


Yes, you thought it was not all that important, some people think so too. Share the post to those people who need to have prayer mats. Follow, like and subscribe to receive updates from us

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