Celebrating Modest Women That Inspires us Daily

In recent times where body exposure, short dresses are greatly encouraged, Modest outfits are beginning to wipe off some closet.     

Luckily, modest fashion surfaced and it seems to have become the order of the day for some great women of this century. These are women that have proven to us that we can dress modestly and yet look suave and classy.

In celebrating International Women’s day 2020, we have decided to appreciate women that have inspired us to dress modestly. Have a glimpse of a few of them below.

1. Maryam Lemu @maryamlemuofficial:

She is a mother, wife and a female motivational speaker. She has a way of blending colors in each of her modest outfits. One of her unique Signature is how she wraps her scarf just like a crown, we love every bit of it.


2. Bolanle Peters @bolanleaustenpeters:

She is a connoisseur of art, a movie director and a key star in the Nollywood industry. She is keen to the premium modest classic fashion and we enjoy every drip of it.


 3. Fatimah Momoh:

Right here is a woman that has changed the orientation of many other women towards modest fashion through her fashion program @muslimahstyleguide. she has continuously proven to us that modest fashion is here to stay.

4. Fatimah Aaajimobi @fateeaaajimobi :

She is a Child Advocate, a humanitarian and an entrepreneur. She is a  fashionista, no doubt but she always wraps it up with modesty.


5. Teslimah Yusuf :

@hajiabelle as she is fondly called. She is a beauty blogger, a wife and a proud mum of four. Some sees her as a model, others as an influencer. One thing we love about her is that even during pregnancy, she is always rocking her tummy bumps in classy modest wears.


 6. Halima Eden @halima:

She is a model, she has featured on the front page of many international magazines only in her modest wears. She has proven to us beyond measurable doubt that modest outfits have no limitation; they can trend and can also be allowed anywhere.