Enjoy the Best Deals on Abayas and Scarfs this Weekend

We already told you it will be raining discount at the Habeebat store in the Month of November.

we actually meant it and I’m glad some people are already taking advantage of the sales.

So last week we started with the corporate wears category for females which includes products like Jackets, Tops, and Skirts, and guess what?

The rush was mind-blowing, I would just say almost everyone was waiting for the promo to start.

Well, it’s not yet over because this Friday, we will be giving you the best deals on our Abaya and scarf collections.

So if you have an Abaya or Scarf that you would really want to add to your wardrobe, Tomorrow, 8th of November 2019 is the best day to shop for it, because after tomorrow, prices will be back to their original prices and this opportunity might not come again till Next year.

I know that doesn’t sound cool right,

Then, you really need to jump on this offer because we have a limited quantity of these products.

So put on your notification button to get alerted once the sales start.

Below are some of the Products that will be on sales:

1.Ameera Pearled Abaya:

The Ameera Pearled Abaya is Made with velvet fabric, its details are embroidery at the shoulder area with some touch of pearls to beautify it. Click here to get this product

This scarf is made with cotton fabric and it has a fringe at the edge to make it look beautiful. click here to shop for this product

3. Haniya Flowery Scarf: This scarf is made from cotton fabric, its designs entails flower and fringes. click here to shop for this product

4. Kamilat Blue Abaya Hijab: This Abaya Hijab is made with cotton fabric, with just a little design at the wrist area of the cloth. click here to shop for this product

5. Kareemot Batwing Abaya: This Abaya has batwing features and it also has stones on it to complement the batwing design. Click here to shop for this product


6. Daheena Kimono Abaya: A very beautiful Abaya for that woman that loves to play with colors. it is a 2-piece inspired dress with a kimono and an inner. The kimono is beautifully designed with stones all round to give a unique look. Click here to get this product

7. Maimunat Flowery Abaya: This is a simple and classy boubou Abaya with a flowery design at the chest area. click here to shop for this product

8. Muizza Scarf: This scarf is made with cotton fabric. it has a  two-toned color with a lacy design at the edge area which makes it perfect you to rock on any plain dress. click here to shop for this product.Habeebat-Muizza-Scarf

9. Jabraah Abaya: The stone design on this Abaya makes it very unique. click here to get this product


10. Leemah Beaded Abaya: This Abaya is one of our best sellers, it is designed with embroidery and pearls to compliment the dress. Click here to get this product