Getting your post lock down Fashion Fix; Modest Outfit Ideas

Getting your Post Lockdown Fashion Fix : Modest Outfits Ideas

As many of the lockdown restrictions are being lifted here in Nigeria, i believe most of us are eager to getting back our normalities into the big world again.

And of course, the opportunity to move out and about also means we can start selecting the most perfect post-lockdown modest outfits for all occasions like: A birthday Gathering, Family get –together, dinner with friends or a loved ones or any religious gathering.

Trust us to give you plenty Modest outfits Inspiration for your Post lock-down fashion fix.

1.Birthday Gathering:

If you are considering attending a post lockdown birthday party and you are a little bit nervous on the most suitable for this gathering, you can consider trying out the Aziza High low Tunic Shirt  or the Aqeela Mint Green Tunic, they are comfy and stylish and can be worn over a leggings or a Jean Trouser.

The Ablah tunic 2-in-1 Shirt dress is also a way to go outfit for your post lock down gathering as it has a detachable kimono that can be worn over any outfit

2.Family Gathering:

Attending a family gathering is one thing most of are looking forward to, and I know you would love to look your best to this  gathering.

While  you are considering the most suitable outfit for this occasion, you might also want to consider the location of the event, to help you decide on the most suitable outfit for the Occasion.

If the event is a  Picnic then the Tarella Silky Stoned Abaya is the ideal outfit for this as it is Colorful, flowing and comfortable, it is well detailed and has  with a  matching tommy belt.

Alternatively, the Adeelah  Flowery  Silky Abaya with stones detailing will ensure you look effortlessly cool and chic all day long.

Other Alternatives are the: Afrah purple stoned velvet Abaya, Haleemah Peach Dress and the Fareeha Black Stoned Abaya

3.Dinner with Friends:

When it comes to hanging out with friends for the first time since the lockdown, you definitely deserve to get glammed up for the occasion, and you’ll find plenty of amazing designs to choose from our collections

For a sophisticated and stylish look, you can’t go wrong with the Zareeyah Teal Green Hooded Abaya as its  comfy and stylish, if you want a simple outfit , the Leemah Embroidered Abaya is just perfect for this outing

And of course, if you want to make an event of your first dinner out with friends since the lock down was eased, then the A’dah Burgundy Evening Dress is best match for the night,

You will be guaranteed to make a style Statement.