Incense Sticks vs Bakhoor Incense

There has been so much back and forth on while some people will prefer to have an incense sticks rather than a Bakhoor incense or prefer the latter that the former.

In today’s blog i will throw some light on both type of incense, so that this will guide us through when making a choice of incense for our Homes.

Incense Stick is an aromatic biotic material which releases fragrant smoke when burned. The incense is usually a paste formed around a bamboo stick.

Bakhoor Incense contains no charcoal or glue or adhesives that tends to affect the fragrance. All burnings are made inside a controlled fireproof known as an incense burner.

Relax while i take you through the difference between the incense sticks and the Incense cone.

1.The  Shape:

The incense stick is a long wooden stick that is being wrapped by its ingredients(fragrance), while an incense powder comes in a powder form or a bakhour shape of perfumed ingredients.

2. Duration of Burning:

Research has it that the incense stick takes a very short time to burn as it just requires you lighting up the stick and burning it but the incense powder or bakhoor may take a longer time to burn because it needs an electric or charcoal burner to be able to .

3. Fragrance:

There’s no doubt that both type of incense gives refreshing fragrance that lasts long but in most cases, the bakhoor incense has a lasting fragrance because the fragrance would remain as long as the incense burner you poured it is still on.


4. Easy to Burn:

While some prefer incense sticks because it is easy to burn and doesn’t require the use of burners, some people also prefer the bakhoor incense as it is easy to use by just pouring incense into a charcoal or an electric burner in for it to release its fragrance into the air.