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Prayer Rugs Online in Nigeria

Our religion is important to us. The doctrines we listen to are what keep us on the right track, to being a better human being and making the world a better place in general. One of the things that brings us peace and takes us closer to Allah is our prayers. Prayers strengthen our bond with Allah, gives us solace in times of need or desperation, and do a whole lot more, like speed up our blessings. That being said, there are things that are necessary in the Islamic religion. For example, a true Muslim needs their Qur’an. And whether you think it or not, a prayer mat is also necessary.

In the Islamic religion, prayers are said at least five times a day. Prayer rugs are more than just a piece of rug where you kneel to ease pressure on the knees when you pray. One of the most important requirements for any Muslim prayer is that the area must be clean. Islamic prayer time sees a lot of bowing, kneeling and prostrating and this must be done in a clean environment. Prayer mats, otherwise known as prayer rugs also create an isolated space for a Muslim to pray, which is also a requirement for an Islamic prayer. The prayer mat is usually lain on the ground in a way that the top points in the direction of Mecca, and is folded up and kept till the next use immediately after prayer, to ensure that it is kept clean.

Prayer mats come in a variety of colors. Most of them can be plain colors, but they are usually decorated or designed in mostly geometric or Arabic designs to depict popular Islamic landmarks, like places in Mecca or Jerusalem. The mats are designed in a way where there is a top, and a bottom. The top, as earlier mentioned is placed to face the direction of prayer, or of Mecca, and the bottom of the mat is where the user stands to pray. Prayer mats can also come in floral designs, and are suitable for men and women alike.

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Prayer mats are for more than just easing the knees when praying. They hold a much more significant post in the ritual of prayer, and are very necessary when it comes to the activity. And because you use them all the time as a muslim, it is important to get quality ones that will not wear out in little time. At Habeebat’s store, you will certainly find top quality prayer mats, the best in Nigeria even, at the most affordable prices. Get your prayer mat now and make your praying experience more fun, less stressful and even more appropriate. Our prayers up to Allah are the most important part of our day, and they should be done right. With your prayer mat, you are already doing that, and who says you cannot be stylish while at it? Get the best prayer mats online in Nigeria at Habeebat today!

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