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Even at a young age, the importance of dressing up is never lost on us. We learn how to cover ourselves from the eyes of others, cover ourselves from the harsh conditions of the weather and so on. As a Muslim, modesty in the way you dress up is very important and should be taught from even a young age. This is why we need to dress our kids in the right outfit and show them how to dress in a way that agrees with their religion.

The fact that we have to do this does not then mean that we cannot teach our kids to be fashionable about it. The pose, the strut, the combination of colors and everything that would set them up to be fashionable should all be taught.

On Habeebat, you will find a large selection of clothes for both Muslim young males and females. Here are some kids Islamic clothing for males that you can find and easily purchase at great prices.

Jalamia: Jalamias are long, free flowing clothes that would look great on your kid. They come with collared sleeves and are perfect for prayers at the mosque or a visit to a friend. Most importantly, they are very comfortable and stylish.

Kurtas: Your child definitely has to have one of these in his wardrobe. They look very dapper and can be worn with pants, which is perfect for formal occasions.

Kaftan: Kaftans make you look like royalty. Get your child the confidence boost they need with quality kaftans in their wardrobe.

Islamic clothing for females that are a must have include:

Hijab: As a Muslim female, covering the head is necessary, especially when you are in the presence of men who are not a member of the immediate family. Hijabs of different styles and colors can be found on Habeebat.

Abaya: These are also very popular in Muslim fashion and are most sought after. They are long flowing clothes that typically cover the body except for the head, hands and feet.

Find Quality Muslim Baby Clothes on Habeebat

Dress your kids right with our amazing collection of Muslim children’s clothes for kids of all ages. Find children abayas, kaftans, niqab, hijab, jalamias and so much more for low prices and start ordering today.

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